Brighten your jewelry with Beebeecraft Metal European Beads

Summary: Metal European Beads, one typically style in the famous large hole European Beads, has been widely used in making the statement jewelry accessories and famous Pandora jewelry. In this post, Beebeecraft will introduce three main types in brief.

Literally, Metal European beads are the type of bead which owns an extra-large hole for allowing the thick thread and specialized-designed chain findings to pass through. This type of bead owns a durable metal basic and some featuring handcrafted with vivid enamel colors and radiant Rhinestone elements. In the following segments, I will list the 3 most distinctive types respectively: Alloy, Alloy & Enamel and Brass & Rhinestone.

1. Alloy Metal European Beads

Alloy, which is composed of two or more kinds of metal or non-metal substances, owns a more excellent hardness than common metal objects. While being adopted in jewelry making operations, most crafters are satisfied with their affordability and precious-metal look.

In our Beebeecraft, we can serve with all mainstream metal colors such as Silver, antique silver and so on. Besides, all the items under each sub-category can be again divided into 6 other classes accord to the usage, those are: ordinary bead, stopper bead, dangle bead, clasp, hanger and findings.


2. Alloy & Enamel Metal European Beads

The glaring enamel is a definitely amazing addition to any jewelry design. Use the Alloy & Enamel Metal European Bead to create a bracelet, necklace and earrings, the finished products may turn out to be more personalized and customized.


3. Brass & Rhinestone Metal European Beads

As a perfect substitution for precious Swarovski crystals, Rhinestone elements are accepted by many crafters and customers. Similarly, the Brass & Rhinestone Metal European Beads are one of the best sellers in our site. With its shimmering appearance, add more sparkling accents to your hand-made ornaments.


What’s more, our Beebeecraft also provides the other types of brand Pandahall Elite Metal European Beads such as brass, aluminum, etc. To explore an extensive collection of high-quality Metal European Beads, please head over to the Beebeecraft.


Beebeecraft instruction on Shell beads- great for jewelry making

Summary: Shell beads, also known as mother pearl, are a kind of alternative pearl jewelry. Now, they are very popular in Europe and America.

Shell beads will make you outstanding in the crowd because of their distinctive shapes and stunning colors. Next, Beebeecraft will introduce you the shell beads.

Our shell beads are made from different materials such as freshwater shell, shell& resin, paua shell, spiral shell and so on. Different materials contribute to various features of the shell beads. We can list some examples for you. The freshwater shell looks very clean and simple. The shell & resin beads are attractive for its shell inside. The shells are wrapped by transparent resin on the outside. They look very shinny and beautiful. They will attract your eyes at your first glance. And the paua is one of the most beautiful shells because of its intense variation of color. The brilliant iridescent patterns catch glints of light when viewed from different angles, creating a dance of intense ocean colors.


Since shell beads have sparkling colors and elegant designs, they will make your jewelry eye-catching. These fashion shell beads are popular for bracelet, necklace and other jewelry that you DIY. And the jewelry made by shell beads can be either casual-chic or elegant. No matter which style of the jewelry you want, the beads can meet all of your needs. These shell beads can also mix with other kinds of beads to create different designs. They will make your jewelry unique.


Shell beads are available in different sizes from 1mm in diameter to 44mm, which can meet customers’ different needs for size. These beads are sold by strand or by number. They are handmade into different colors and several shapes (flat round, square, oval, flower, drop, heart, rectangle, and etc.). Shell beads are faceted. I am sure you will find one you like.


So are you interested in our shell beads?  You are welcome to visit our website to purchase them; we owns the brand Pandahall Elite, Sunnyclue, beadthoven and other which offers the highest quality and great competitive prices at the same time just for you.

Beebeecraft information about Nut Beads- a kind of special bead

Summary: The nut beads are made of nut. They seem very timeworn and rare. And the simple nut beads can reflect the charm of art. Next, we will introduce them to you in details.

On our web store, there are many kinds of nut beads. They are made in different shapes and colors. Generally speaking, those beads are classified into two groups according to the difference of usage.


1.Used as beads

In this group, the nut beads are mainly matched with earring hooks and strings to be earrings, bracelets and so on. They are handmade in different shapes. And they can also be great ornaments. We can use them to make all kinds of articles. Our houses will become more characteristic if we use the articles to decorate them.

2.Used as pendants

In this group, the nut beads are almost used as pendants. They are made into different patterns including animals and constellations. And they are often used to make jewelries such as earrings and necklaces with hooks and jewelry string. We can make necklaces without own constellation sign.

From above information, we can know that the nut beads are so special whether from their materials or patterns. If you have interest in those nut beads, please hurry up to take action! Please use your hands and imagination to make the nut beads into perfect jewelries and ornaments. Hope these Beebeecraft information can help u.

Beebeecraft Glass Rhinestone Beads- perfect cutting surface

Summary: Rhinestone is a kind of synthetic diamond. It is shiny, glass jewels. The glass rhinestone beads look very shining like diamond but it is much cheaper than diamond. So they are very suitable jewelry craft supplies for DIY.

Our glass rhinestone beads are handmade in different shapes and colors to meet your demands. And it is very popular in jewelry making now. You can also use them to decorate your other articles such as shoes and clothes. I believe they will make you more beautiful. Next, please let us to know three shapes of glass crystal beads.


1.Cone Glass Rhinestone Beads

These beads are with nobility. High polished craft gives the beads scintillating sheen. You can glue them to the articles that you want to decorate. They will make your articles more outstanding.

2.Octagon Glass Rhinestone Beads

These beads are incised perfectly. Seen from whichever direction they can reflect lights. Their vivid shapes are the results of the remarkable three-dimensional design. They can used to make various jewelries such as bracelets and rings. And you can also use them to decorate your jewelries.

3.Drop Glass Rhinestone Beads

These beads are made in different colors and all the beads are very pretty. You will like them once you see them. They have similar usages with the first two shapes of beads. You can use them in the way as you like.

There are other shapes of glass rhinestone beads on our web store such as heart, rectangle and triangle. you can visit Beebeecraft to have a look.Hope they can help you when you DIY your jewelries.

Learn from Beebeecraft How to Make Black Leather Bracelets for Women

Summary: Do you want to make leather bracelets for women? This Beebeecraft tutorial will show you a simple way to finish off a cool black leather bracelet.


Jewelry string Leather cords are usually slightly harder than general nylon threads and waxed threads. Therefore they are easy to stand and will not loose the posture when made into bracelets. Here I would like to show you how to make leather bracelets for women.

Necessities for the black leather bracelet for women:

1mm black leather cord
6mm violet glass pearls beads
Flower connector

How to make leather bracelets for women:

Step 1: Combine leather cord with connector

1st, cut two pieces of black leather cords, and both measures about 30cm;
2nd, thread them through the holes of the connector, fold them in half and make overhand knots.

Step 2: Braid the adjustable closure

1st, form a loop that can fit your wrist and overlap the tails;
2nd, cut another piece of black cord and tie square knots around the overlapped part;
3rd, when getting 7 square knots, cut off excess working cord and melt ends with lighter.

Step 3: Finish off the black leather bracelet:

1st, slide violet pearls onto tails;
2nd, tie overhand knots beneath beads;
3rd, trim off excess tails.

Finally the black leather bracelet looks like this:

Cheers! “How to make jewelry string leather bracelet for women” is done! You can choose many different colors of leather cord and prepare such kind of brief-looking bracelets for female friends.

Learn from Beebeecraft How to Make a Vintage Chain Bracelet Decorated with Cabochons

Summary: How to make a unique wide chain bracelet decorated with vintage cabochons. The Beebeecraft tutorial may take time but is fairly easy to make with our useful tips!

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In today’s chain bracelet making project, you’ll take the chain bracelets to the next level by stacking a bunch of chains in one piece, plus embellishing with three glimmering cabochons. The entire bronze hue flatters the cabochons properly so that every learner should learn to make this vintage chain bracelet at once.

Supplies needed for the chain cuff bracelet:

Antique Bronze Iron Twist Chain
Wide Ribbon End
Lobster Claw Clasp
0.35mm Tiger Tail Wire
Hot Melt Glue Gun
Round Nose Pliers
Flat Nose Pliers
Side Cutting Pliers

How to make the chain bracelet?

Step 1: Make the stacking chain base

1st, cut a bunch of twisted chain, each measures your individual wrist circumference;
2nd, string the first link of all with a piece of assistive wire;
3rd, neaten the chain strands and make them incline towards the same side;


4th, take a long strand of tiger tail wire and fasten one end to the first link of rightmost chain;
5th, pass the wire through the first links of all chains;
6th, then thread the wire in a zigzag pattern to string the links on the 2nd row, 3rd, 4th…;
7th, once finish the last row, fix the wire as did before;


8th, clamp the end of chain with wide ribbon ends.

Step 2: Glue on the decorative cabochons

Heat the hot melt glue gun and place the cabochons anywhere you prefer. Wait 5 minutes for completely dry!


Step 3: Attach the clasp

On the ribbon ends at end, attach the lobster claw clasp and one jumpring respectively.


So, there you’ve finished the entire Beebeecraft vintage chain bracelet! The last but not the least, while attach the ribbon ends you may count the jewelry glue as a useful tool as it forces the chains to be orderly and neat, and meanwhile, help chains easier to be clamped by ribbon ends! Enjoy yourself!

Beebeecraft tutorials on Making a Lovely Heart Shaped Ribbon Brooch with Green Resin Cabochons

Summary: In this article, I’ll show you how to make a lovely heart shaped ribbon brooch with green resin cabochons.


Hearts imply love and affection. In this article, I’ll share a lovely heart shaped brooch with you. DIY this heart-shaped ribbon brooch is quite easy and requires only a few simple materials and tools. Now, let’s see how to make this lovely heart shaped ribbon brooch with green resin cabochons.

Materials and tools needed in DIY the heart shaped ribbon brooch:

Green Faceted Resin Cabochons
Yellow Satin Ribbon
Pink Satin Ribbon
Silver Brass Brooch
Glue Gun
Stainless-Steel Scissor

Instructions on how to make the heart shaped ribbon brooch:

Step 1: Make a ribbon heart

1st, cut 3 pieces of pink satin ribbon in different lengths. Then, cut 3 pieces of yellow satin ribbon that about the same length of the three pieces of pink satin ribbon respectively(a shown in the picture);
2nd, combine one end of the longest pink satin ribbon and one end of the longest yellow satin ribbon together through the glue gun;
3rd, take out the shortest pink satin ribbon and make a loop with the pink satin ribbon. Then, attach one end of the pink satin ribbon onto the longest pink satin ribbon and the other end below the longest yellow satin ribbon (as shown in the picture);
4th, take out the shortest yellow satin ribbon and make a loop with the yellow satin ribbon. Then, attach one end of the yellow satin ribbon onto the longest pink satin ribbon but below the shortest pink satin ribbon (as shown in the picture). Cross the other end below the shortest pink loop and attach it onto the shortest pink ribbon (as shown in the picture);

5th, refer to the above steps to add the middle pink ribbon and the middle yellow ribbon in sequence;

6th, cross the longest pink ribbon below the external yellow loop and onto the internal yellow loop and glue the linking parts. Then, cut the excess pink ribbon;
7th, cross the longest yellow ribbon below the external pink ribbon, onto the middle pink ribbon and below the internal pink ribbon and glue the linking parts. Then, cut the excess yellow ribbon.

Step 2: Add green faceted cabochons and silver brooch

1st, use glue gun to attach 9 green faceted resin cabochons onto the ribbon heart (as shown in the picture);

2nd, use glue gun to attach a silver brass brooch cabochon onto the back of the ribbon heart.

Here is the final look of the heart shaped ribbon brooch.

This heart-shaped ribbon brooch can make your outfit more eye-catching. Moreover, this Beebeecraft DIY heart shaped ribbon brooch can make great gifts for your friends. Nothing touches someone quite as much as a gift you’ve made yourself with love and care. So, get some ribbons and beads and have a try.