Shopping for Cabochon Settings

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Cabochons used with cabochon settings are gems that are not faceted, but polished. This results in a gemstone that has a convex shaped top and a flat bottom.  These gems are held in place in jewelry items by using settings. These are a sort of frame that is of the same size and shape of the gem being set, and they work at holding the gem in place securely. They also bring out the beauty of the gem being used and are essential for making a cabochon inspired jewelry piece.

When shopping for settings from reputable vendors such as Panda Hall, you will find that it offers you an easy shopping experience. You should start by being aware of the material that you want your settings to be made out of. Cabochon settings come in a variety of materials such as silver, copper, brass, gold and steel among others.  The settings are shaped in different forms. There are round settings, oval settings, marquise settings and emerald settings among others to choose from. This is to allow you to match the shape of your cabochon to the setting.

Different mountings types to choose from


You will find that cabochon settings come in a number of mounting types. There are ring settings, pendant settings, bezel cups and drop and link settings among others. The idea is to purchase the mounting according to the type of jewelry item you are trying to create. You will find that the type of mounting you choose has the power to enhance the beauty of the stones you use such that you cannot afford to be random with your choices. You have to choose a setting made out of material and of the sort of mounting that can enhance your jewelry in the best way possible.

Shop for your settings online

These tips mean that you need to take your time when shopping for settings. Hence, you will find that it is advisable to shop for these setting online. This is because in stores such as at pandahall you find a wide selection of settings to choose from. You also find that they are grouped in terms of size and material and you get to see them in picture format so that you have an idea of how they will look. This means you can mix and match them with the cabochons you have at home and only purchase what you feel matches well with your gems.

Buying cabochons and setting at Panda Hall will offer you the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your home or workshop. These items are quite affordable as well so that you not only save time while shopping at Panda Hall but you also save some money. So why not buy your cabochons and settings from Panda Hall today!