Choosing Right Door Beads for your Curtain

Using jewelry beads in a beaded curtain

Home decoration is a lasting-forever topic as everyone needs a warm place to rest our body and soul in. And curtains for doorways are one of the hottest decors for home. Curtains can be available everywhere on the market, but some of you may want to DIY curtains to show your individuality and unique style. And I believe that is a happy activity for all the family to join in.

To make door curtains by our own, it requires no any beading skills or complex patterns, just threading various beautiful beads on each nylon threads to make long enough beaded dangles. How, selecting the right door beads are our first priority. For example, crystal beads, bright; rhinestone beads, sparkling; acrylic beads, colorful and so on. Different types of beads stand out different styles and feelings. Here are some common types of door beads for curtains:

1, Glass Beads

Crystal glass beads are used most commonly for curtain beads, can catch the light outdoors, thus decorating your porch or patio with splendid halo.


2, Rhinestone Beads

Rhinestone beads are sparkling with glitz & glimmer can give your curtain a feeling of ethic style.


3, Acrylic Beads

Acrylic beads are rich in its colors and diversified in the shapes, which are perfect beads for door curtains for kids, or warm seasons.


4, Wooden Beads

Wooden beads are natural beads for doorway with different shapes and colors thrown in together to make a really cool looking rustic curtain.



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