The Importance of Choosing the Right Jewelry Clasps


Jewelry clasps are an important part of jewelry because they hold jewelry together. They are used to secure the item so that it does not falloff when you are wearing it. While these items are made for functional purposes, they are fast becoming a part of jewelry design as they are being incorporated into elaborate jewelry designs. In many cases, you will find that it’s even hard to identify the location of the clasps because they have been incorporated into the jewelry design so well.

There are many types of jewelry clasps you can buy from vendors such as Panda Hall to use in your jewelry. There are magnetic clasps, toggle clasps, trigger claps, hook and eye clasps and more. As much as the clasps vary, the material they are made from also varies. Some are made from pearls, precious metals such as silver and gold, and even porcelain among other kinds of material. You will find that there are clasps to complete any kind of jewelry you design and compliment it beautifully while securing it properly.

The selection of jewelry clasps you make from pandahall must be guided by the kind of jewelry you are trying to make. The different clasps on offer have their advantages and disadvantages. You must be aware of them so that you choose the right clasps for the jewelry you design.

Factors to consider when choosing clasps


One of the major factors to consider when choosing clasps is the security of the clasps. You need to ensure that the clasps you choose can hold the weight of the jewelry so that it doesn’t fall open at will. At the same time, it must be easy to open so that the wearer of the jewelry does not have problems putting on and taking off the jewelry anytime they feel like. The cost of the clasps also matters based on the budget you have available for buying clasps and the price at which you are planning to sell your jewelry.

One of the most valued clasps you can consider buying is fish and hooks clasps. These types of claps are popular because they are secure and relatively inexpensive. If this is not your style, try push claps which are valued for the fact that they are fairly easy to open and close. However, if you are looking to combine the ease of opening and closing with affordability then magnetic clasps are the right choice for you. They are strong and secure and easy to fasten and unfasten.

There are many more types of clasps. You can shop for great quality jewelry clasps from online shops such as Pandahall where you will find lots of variety to choose from. Remember that picking the right clasps is very important and will determine the functionality of the jewelry making so choose wisely.


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