Decorate Your Heels with Beads

Heels are women’s best friends. They can make a low-key woman charming and sexy in one moment. You may not a fan of heels, but you should have at least one pair as some events call for it. However the truth is that many girls indeed love wearing heels, some of them even tend to decorate the plain heels the way they like. And the most common way to decorate the heels is using decorative beads. Beads like rhinestone beads, glass beads, sequin beads are used more widely for embellishments, as they can make the shoes more shinning and gorgeous. If you are looking for changing normal white heels to your wedding shoes, pearl beads should be your first options. And of course, glittering rhinestone beads and crystal glass beads can be added for the sparkling effect. And if you love candy color style heels, go for small seed beads with colors and tones. For other materials of DIY fixes for heels, you can try nail polish or glitters. Basically, there are so many options out there for you, you just need to find that one that fits your style.



Ocean Crystal Chapel, Oahu Wedding





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