Wire Wrapped Jewelry Tutorial: Heart Ring

Wire wrapped jewelry are easy to make; the materials are prepared easily as well. But the finished project would be amzing! That’s why I love to make this kind of wire wrapped jewelry projects.  Today, I will show a simple wire wrapped heart ring here, it’s suitable for jewelry beginners too!

wire wrapped heart ring

Jewelry making supplies you need to prepare:

8 inches of 20g wire for the frame.
 3.5 feet of 24g wire for the wrapping.
16-20 seed beads or 2mm gemstone beads.
Tools you need to prepare are Wire Cutters, Chain Nose Pliers, Needle Nose Pliers, Ruler, Ring Mandrel.

To make the heart ring, you just need to follow the following steps:
Step 1: using your nose pliers to bend the 8 inch long 20g wire into a heart shape.
Step 2: wrap the 24g jewelry wire around the heart and thread the seed beads on.
step 2-1
Repeat the process to finish the other half;
step 2-2
Step 3: wrap the ring around the mandrel to your ring size.
step 3-1
step 3-2
step 4: the last step is shaping the heart and you are almost finished the heart ring!
step 4
The simple wire wrapped ring is finished. What do you think about the heart ring? With just some jewelry wires and seed beads, you get this lovely heart ring. Prepare the materials and make your own heart ring with this tutorial.

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