Beginners’ Guide: Easy Turquoise Skull Bracelet for Halloween

skull bracelet

Got everything well prepared for the coming Halloween? What accessories are you going to wear on this funny scary holiday? Only 4 days left, but well, it’s still not late at all. I’ve whipped up a super easy yet cute Halloween skull bracelet for you! Anyone who has never made jewelry accessories can get this bracelet done!

First, get the needed jewelry making supplies: turquoise skull beads, polymer clay flower bead, transparent glass beads, 0.45 mm tiger tail, toggle clasp
Second, add the toggle clasp onto the tiger tail of 60cm.
Third, thread 5 glass beads, 4 skull beads, glass beads like the pic shows.
Add the clay flower bead,and repeat adding 5 glass beads &4 skull beads.
At last, attach the rest toggle clasp and your cute Halloween bracelet is ready. Halloween skull bracelet

Tutorial from:


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