DIY Star Jewelry with Star Pendants

Because of the special shape, star pendants are commonly used for jewelry designers and craft makers.  There are various star jewelries with star pendants, for example, star pendant necklaces, star pendant bracelets, star pendant earrings, star pendant rings, star pendant brooches, etc.  Star pendants can be seen anywhere, especially necklaces and bracelets making.
Here I will list some star jewelries which I collected from other craft makers or esty sellers.  If you are jewelry designer, hope these can inspire you in making new style excellent star crafts.
Star pendant necklaces
This kind of retrohollow out moon stars necklace is made of star pendants and chains by Luulla. Easy to  make but unique feeling.

Star pendant bracelets
By using a small star pendant , a glittery blue glass cabochon and other supplies to create a new fresh style bracelet, I seriously love it! Bracelet shared by Anna Cucurull

Star pendant earrings
Wow, I believe this DIY chains and stars earrings could be the hottest crafts with star pendants, right? Shared by Gina Michele

Star pendant rings
Being made of a gold chain and a tiny gold star, this chain ring is delicate and simple. Shared by Avnis

Stars brooch
This is one of my absolute favorites. The design is elegance and well executed. Shared by Becky Cole


Which one do you like best? Share with me if you have done your own star crafts with star pendants. 😀


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