What You Should Know About Jewelry Findings

020Whether you engage in jewelry making for fun or as a serious business, you will need to know what you can do to cut down the cost of jewelry making. Where you buy your jewelry making supplies from really matters a lot and while some sites will sell these supplies at fantastically cheap prices, others can be very expensive and you must avoid them at all costs. Jewelry findings are in general explanation components for connecting different parts together so that you can form an entire jewelry piece.

Jewelry Findings- What Are They?

il_fullxfull.480170249_nbedGenerally speaking, jewelry findings are what give your jewelry creations the structure that they usually have. While some of these findings are functional, others are decorative and still, others cut across both ways in that they have both a functional and decorative role. As any jewelry designer will tell you, these findings can make the whole difference when it comes to a highly sophisticated and nice creation and some professionally designed jewelry pieces. Some of the most common findings that you can find out there on the market include ear wires, clasps, charms, head pins and many other items. Different types of materials are used for making them such as silver, gold, silver plated, gold plated, nickel, brass, pewter and copper.

Common Jewelry Findings

There is some common jewelry findings that you really can’t afford not to have as a jewelry designer. Such includes the clasps which are used for holding together the necklaces and bracelets. Clasps are used for fastening the jewelry pieces as well as giving the jewelry pieces that much needed finishing touch. You can find exquisitely and elaborately crafted findings on various online stores and you can be sure that they can make any jewelry design an incredible one. Common clasps include toggle clasps, spring clasps, lobster claw clasps, magnetic clasps and box clasps among others.

Jewellery-ToolsAnother one of the common types of jewelry findings are the earring wires which are usually slipped via the earring hole. The wire is well secured in its place by use of a rubber or a metal nut and common ones include the fish hooks, lever back hooks and clip wire. These ones are usually attached to the bracelet or necklace and their dangling nature makes the jewelry pieces have the motion. Head pins are also another finding as well and are used for securing the beading wire.

As you can see, there are so many findings available on the market that you should certainly consider buying. You can purchase them online at www.pandahall.com where you are assured of finding many different options of findings to choose from. Jewelry crafters also create these findings and you can always count on their expertise to provide you with the best findings that you can use. When buying, ensure that you engage in comparable shopping as this will really help you a lot to get the great deals and save a lot on your purchase.


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