The Beauty of Working with Glass Beads

wallpaper-green-wallpapers-change-widescreen-glass-vanerich-beadsWorking with glass beads is something that you might not have considered as a jewelry designer but the truth of the matter is that you stand to enjoy incredible benefits by working with these beads. These beads are essentially available in a wide range of vibrant colors, finishes and shapes and you can be sure that they will give your jewelry piece that magical touch. Pandahall has different types of these beads such as handmade dichroic glass, the Czech beads, lamp work beads, bumpy beads and even millefiori. These beads essentially come in different sizes and colors and are certainly worthy purchase.

Different types available

Sometimes, you will come across glass beads with some different fancy finishes such as druk glass or Aurora Borealis and you can be certain that these are fantastic selections that you should consider. Druk beads are characterized by being optically polished and are perfectly rounded, something that makes them a darling for many people. Another one is the luminous dichroic glass which is available in different shapes and there are also the crackle beads that are increasingly becoming popular nowadays. Beads having that pearl finish are considered to be of great value since they not only come in high quality but also depict a tremendous variety when it comes to shapes, colors and sizes. With so many different types of these beads, you can be certain that you will be able one that matches your tastes and preferences.


Considering that making glass beads involve melting the beads to certain temperatures, manufacturers of these beads are able to create different shapes while at the same time make a number of layers on the beads as well. As such, it is very common for you to come across beads having raised decorations, dots, bumps and sparkly feathering which are all fantastic selections that you can ever imagine of. Today, you will find these beads available in a rainbow of textures and colors and as a jewelry designer, this certainly gives you some infinite design ideas and you can certainly be able to make any kind of creation that you want and be certain that it will live up to your expectations.

Benefits of glass beads

The market is home to glass pears, cane and art glass beads and you can be certain that all these are fantastic selections that you should certainly consider. Glass pearls for example are available in so many different shapes and regardless of what you want, you can always be sure that you will be able to find it at The good thing about these beads is that when compared to others available out there, they are much more inexpensive and you can certainly afford them. Due to their stunning look, these beads are able to greatly enhance the beauty and look of the jewelry pieces they are used to make. It is no wonder that jewelry pieces made with these beads are highly demanded and are certainly worthy buying.


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