Creating Impressive Jewelry with Glass Pendants


Producing wholesale jewelry products requires a great artistic mind that can use different ornamental pieces to come up with a perfect piece of jewelry. Glass pendants are some of the pieces that can help you to achieve the quality of products that you want, because they display different and eye catchy colors with a vibrancy that cannot be matched. When it comes to producing wholesale products, variety is very vital and that is why you will need a variety of glass pendants. They will help you create unique and attractive jewelry.

Be specific on the best colors, shapes that will give you many options to create jewelry that impacts the market in a positive and perfect way. You will be looking for a touch of attractive colors and shine, and dichroic pendants or any other elegant pendants can provide such.

Artists who want to personalize their work may opt to fuse glass pendants that will fit their specifications but in these modern times, you can the pendants in any form that you want. All you need is to give the specifications to wholesalers and you will have your pendants in the shapes and colors that you need, read to be incorporated in your jewelry.

Fits All Ages and Occasions

glass_bead_pendants_2_by_dizaynOf all the jewelry items, glass pendants are among the ones that can be applied in different occasions and bring out the desired effects perfectly. When you are designing the jewelry across different age groups, you will not have to worry about what pendant to put on what class of jewelry, because the pendants fits almost every group. For wholesale production of jewelry products however, you will not have a hard time if at all you ensure that your jewelry has that touch of appeal to different age groups.

You are however supposed to balance the use of gemstones on the different jewelry that you are designing, because for instance you cannot put expensive gems on a pendant meant for a young child’s jewelry because it can be lost easily when the kids are playing. The best pendants for such pieces are attractive but not very expensive pendants, which should not worry a customer when they get lost.

Pendants for Special Occasions


Glass pendants can be used to make jewelry for special occasions. When the wearer is going to have a lot of attention from the gathering, the jewelry should be more elaborate. It should also be classy and hence a bit expensive. They are mostly fragile which is oaky because they are not supposed to be worn on a daily basis.

On the other hand, jewelry that is meant for regular use should have a strong necklace that is able to withstand the regular use. The jewelry should not be made of expensive glass pendants because they are prone to getting lost, and hence it will not be expensive to replace or repair it.


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