2015 New Craft: Glass Bead Flower Bracelet

This bracelet is beautiful as spring…because it is a flower bracelet! Make this glass bead flower bracelet with your favorite glass beads and pearl beads. Glass bead bracelet make great gift for all your glass beads-loving friends, too!
This project is my first craft lighting project for the year – I am a little bit exciting. Let’s get started making this colorful glass bead flower bracelet, shall we?

Glass Bead Flower Bracelet (1)
Jewelry making supplies for making glass bead bracelet:
6MM Orange Czech Glass Beads
6MM Blue Czech Glass Beads
6MM Pink Glass Pearl Beads
2MM Round Seed Beads
Heart Acrylic Beads
Iron Bead Tips
Toggle Clasp
Tiger Wire
Glass Bead Flower Bracelet (3)
Follow the below picture steps: firstly, make flower bracelet with glass beads; secondly, make the flower patterns; thirdly, add flower hearts with pearl beads, finally, attach toggle clasp as picture shows.
Glass Bead Flower Bracelet (4)
Here is the colorful glass bead flower bracelet!
Glass Bead Flower Bracelet (2)
More tutorial details visit lc.pandahall


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