Types of Natural Wooden Beads


Wooden beads are some of the best because they are made from natural raw material. There is assured durability, aesthetic value and high quality compared to many other materials. The type of beads you have will depend on the type of natural wood used since they all have diverse qualities. The following are some of the options to look out for in the market.

  • Bayong– this hardwood is commonly found in Philippines and has for many years been used to make beads. It has assured durability making it one of the best choices for jewelry making. Its red-brown natural color makes the beads more than appealing and it’s well complemented by the grain pattern.
  • Graywood– this wood is good for making beads because it comes with lightweight as well as a smooth texture. Those are two highly desired qualities of beads that every buyer looks out for. Its grain is very tight and beads made of Graywood have a refined shine. You have more than a reason to consider it.


  • Ebony– it is a hardwood that is grown in many parts of the world and good for making wooden beads. The tree has a tight grain that comes with a fine polish. Dark brown is its common color and the banded pattern makes it a desired raw material to consider for making beads.
  •  Magkuno– this tropical wood is very hard and that assures of durability when making wooden beads. Research has shown that Magkuno is the hardest of all tress found in the world thus its demand in the world of jewelry is very high. It is very rich in color with chocolate brown the most predominant. The texture of beads made from this wood is smooth and have a pleasant polish.
  • Nangka– this wood is derived from a tree called Jackfruit and has been very useful in making beads for jewelry. Apart from beads, the wood has been diverse enough being used to make general furniture as well as musical instruments. Its main colors are golden brown and yellow brown but you will have the freedom of considering many others. When you come across beads made of Nangka, you will realize that they are smooth in texture, hard in quality and spot a slack wood grain.
  • Palmwood– this wood is gotten from tress like date palms and coconut. The wood has a natural decoration thanks to the black grain markings. Patikan has been the mostly used Palmwood variety for making wooden beads because its markings are very clear and darker. The darkness of this wood depends on the age of the tree.
  • Robles– this tropical hardwood is equally good for making beads and is known for growing very tall. It is good for jewelry because of its lightweight and its highly visible grains. It has an array of natural colors that include light and dark ones.

Apart from these, there are other types of natural wood used for making wooden beads that you can as well consider. Make sure you know what to look for in making the final decision and cushion against wrong choices.


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