Materials Used to Make Wholesale Beads

There are some materials very common with making beads and you should make that consideration top on your list. The main reason for this consideration is durability since you will want to enjoy the services of your beads for a longer period. When buying wholesale beads, make sure you have taken a keen consideration of material types among many other purchasing points. The following are the commonly used materials for making beads.

  • Glass– this is among the oldest material that has been used for beads making. For the choices that you come across in the market, it will be either matte or high-shine finish. The reason why many people prefer using glass for beads is because of its perfect compatibility. It can match well with any project falling under jewelry. You will have a huge variety of shapes and sizes of glass beads to consider buying.
  • Acrylic– this material has all similarities with plastic and a good choice for making wholesale beads. It is known to be very durable making the material ideal for children jewelry. They are equally light in weight which is another desirable quality for jewelry intended for use by children.
  • Crystal– this material is very popular in the world of jewelry. When used for making beads, crystal material suits dressy costumes because they add some sparkle. Among the many crystal beads manufactured and on sale in the market, it is considered that Swarovski crystal beads are the best.
  • Gemstone– there is two types of gemstone material used for making beads; precious and semi-precious. Whichever of the two you fall for, be assured of getting the best beads in the market. You will have the freedom of choosing from different shapes and sizes while their general appearance is polished. If you like light beads, these will not be a good choice for consideration because they have some weight. You can have these wholesale beads for bracelets and necklaces but are not good for children earrings.
  • Metal– some of the metal used to make beads include Tibetan silver, pewter and brass whose availability in the market is widespread. It is common with many crafters to use the material for wood or glass beads as ascent pieces. There is a durability guarantee that comes with the metallic material for making beads.
  • Wood– it is also a very popular material when it comes to making wholesale beads. The biggest advantage of metallic beads is that they have light weight and comes in different colors. You will have your right choice when looking for bright or dark colored beads for your jewelry. Wood is a material that best suits use for jewelry intended to be used by children as well as adults.

Regardless of the material that you are looking for, your chances of securing the ideal beads in the market are always high. You just have to make wide considerations in the entire market and you will fall for the right one. Don’t choose a material that you are not happy with.


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