The advantages of using wooden beads in jewelry making

 Hand Painted Wooden Bead Necklace

Since more and more people love the wooden beads, it became very popular recent years. It must be a reason why it is so popular among the people, I think the main reason is the versatility of the wooden beads. It is the versatility that making the wooden beads different from other types of beads. Now,.

Wooden beads are cheap

Sometimes, not everyone has an extra money to buy some expensive fine jewelry, but you can buy some jewelry decorations made with wooden beads because the wooden beads is more cheaper than most of other jewelry beads. When you are hesitant to spend much money on your jewelry purchase project, you can consider buying the wooden beads so that it is help you to save much money.

wood beads chain

Wooden beads are Light

The other reason why the wooden beads are so popular among the people recently years is that the wooden beads are much lighter than the gemstone beads of the same sizes. Wood beads jewelry is light and comfortable to wear. You can make it into any decorations you like, such as the bracelets, earrings, necklaces, etc.

Wooden beads are easy to make

The wooden beads are also very easy to make, you can make wood beads from twigs at home. Pick a fruit tree twigs or any twigs and cut it into an appropriate size, and peel all the bark from the twigs. You can make the wood beads in round, opal and other shapes. Also, you can paint the wooden beads with different colors.

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