How to Make a Colorful Woven Bracelet

woven bracelet


Today, I will teach you guys how to make a colorful woven bracelet which is made of four colors strands, the yellow thread, the green thread, the blue thread and the red thread. Jewelry making is very fun, especially when you wear this charming macramé bracelet made by yourself, you will feel very happy!

Supplies for making woven bracelets:

supplies for woven bracelet making


Brass Chains  

Waxed Polyester Cord

White Nylon Thread

Silver Brass Cord Ends

Bracelet clasps, here I choose Brass Magnetic Slide Lock Clasps

0.3mm Silver Copper Wire

Iron Jump Rings

Clear Plastic Stick

Needle Nose Plier

Diagonal Plier

Iron Scissor

Processes about DIY woven bracelet:

Step 1:

half hitch knotting technique


Make a macramé bracelet using half hitch knotting technique. The half hitch technique is a simple knotting skill . First, we need to prepare a green and white thread and make a knot. Then, you need to use the half hitch skill to braiding: wrap the green thread around the white thread and pull the green strand tightly. Repeat it until you get a certain length. Last thing you should do is to make a knot at the end of this strand.


finish four strands


Repeat the step 1 and finish the red, yellow and blue strands. Then fix the silver brass cord at the end of these four strands. Ok, the four single macramé jewelry bracelets are finished.


Make a rhinestone circle.


Make a rhinestone circle.

(1) Wrap the iron jump ring with white nylon.

(2) Cut 0.3mm silver copper wire and fix it in the middle of the ring.

(3) Wrap the brass chain with the copper wire.


woven bracelet tutorial

Cross these four bracelets below the ring and on the top of the copper wire.


woven bracelet tutorials

Fix end of the four bracelets with slide lock clasps and jump rings as the picture shows.

woven bracelet

Now, a colorful woven bracelet is done! Someone thinks it is very difficult before making this woven bracelet, actually it is very easy to make as long as you follow the above steps.


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