Different Types of Seed Beads

Seed beads are spherical beads that come in different types and sizes. They are often used in embroidery as well as off-loom and loom bead weaving techniques. The material used to make these beads is glass, but there are also some made from ceramic and metal.

seed beads

Selection of seed beads to choose from for jewelry making

  • Bugle beads

These are narrow, small glass beads that are available in cylindrical or twisted designs. They embody tube shapes and are always longer than they are thick and come in sizes ranging from 1.5mm to 35 mm. Bugle beads are available in many different finishes and colors hence they can be used to make very creative jewelry pieces. With bugle beads you don’t have to limit yourself to jewelry, you can also use these beads for different craft projects such as cloth embroidery, curtain making and come up with fringes for lampshades.

  • Drop beads

These seed beads are also called fringe beads, and they are shaped like tear drops. The holes of fringe beads run horizontally, and this gives you a chance to get creative as concerns beading projects.  They come in a variety of sizes and colors. You can use these beads to make pendants, drop earrings and even bracelets. These beads are also often used as turning beads when creating jewelry.

  • Rocaille beads

These beads get their name from a French word meaning rock or pebble. They are small round beads with square or round holes. These beads come from glass material and are used in embroidery. They are available in various colors and are silver lined. You will find Rocaille beads stitched on clothes and shoes.

  • Charlotte beads

Charlotte beads were invented in the year 1847, and they were named after the name of the daughter of the inventor. They are single-faceted beads, and this gives them a shine that creates beautiful jewelry pieces. They are available in sizes 8/0, 11/0, 13/0 and 15/0. However, they are often available in size 13/0 a size in which they are referred to as true cut beads.

Purchasing beads online

There are other numerous seed beads available. They are great beads to have in your jewelry supplies cabinet because they can make much more than jewelry. If you are a crafts person, who enjoys making different things aside from jewelry, you can use them as accessories on bags and shoes.

It’s easy to purchase beads from different shops; however, online shopping is a much better choice. Shopping for beads online provides you with flexibility because you can shop online at any time. You also get a wide variety of beads to choose from while sometimes brick and mortar shops limit the types of beads you can buy.

Online wholesale bead sellers offer prices that are significantly lower than retail shop prices. Purchasing your beads from wholesale vendors online will, therefore, save you money. You will also find that various online bead vendors even provide free shipping meaning that you can have the beads delivered right to your doorstep. Seed beads are excellent items to have for crafts or jewelry making.


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