Jewelry Wire for Wire Jewelry Making

As we all know, jewelry wire plays a very important role in wire jewelry making. Make wire jewelry can be both fun and extremely exciting when you can admire your finished piece. There are different kinds of jewelry wire, like copper wires, tiger tail wires, aluminum wires and so on. Except materials, the prices of them also should be considered. Each of them has different characters, when you choose jewelry wires to make your own jewelry, you should learn more about their differences so that you can match well with other jewelry making supplies.

Today, I will introduce three kinds of jewelry wires and some wire jewelry made of them to you.

Copper wire

copper wirecopper wire


Copper wires were mainly used as electrical wires until people find out they are good materials for jewelry making. The copper wire always with silver or gold colors and it is coated by the use of the enamel.

Copper for wire jewelry making:

Look at this exquisite bracelet made of copper wires, the vintage style bracelet is so cool, isn’t it?

Copper Wire Bracelet Trade Beads Earthy Ethnic. $32.00, via Etsy.

Tiger tail wire

tiger tail wiretiger tail wire


Tiger tail wires are normally common in the jewelry making and they have a variety of sizes and colors. Tiger Tail Wires are very strong and flexible because they are made of braided wires.

Tiger tail wire for wire jewelry making:

Bright red acrylic beads and Tibetan style pendants threaded by tiger tail wires make this bracelet so charming and attractive.

Vigil Bracelet Rosary $18.00 - One Decade Agate Bracelet Rosary. Frosted Dragon's veins Agate, crackled glass, and Tibet silver on tigers tail wire.

Aluminum wire

Aluminum wireAluminum wire


Aluminum wires have bright and variety of colors, they are also very soft so that aluminum wires are easy to wrap around jig pegs. One point you should pay more attention to is that aluminum wires are easy to be broken and marred because they are more brittle than other types of jewelry wires.

Aluminum wire for wire jewelry making:

Silver aluminum wire butterfly necklace with pearl beads. This pretty necklace is so sparkling under the sunshine! I believe you will become the elegant woman when you wear this beautiful necklace.

Silver Aluminum Wire Butterfly Necklace by Karismabykarajewelry, $39.00

I’m so glad to share these jewelry wires and jewelry which made of wires with you. Hope you enjoy our sharing and have a fun day at the same time!

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