Information about Wholesale Beads

Beaded jewelry using wholesale beads is a common form of jewelry making that many people use to make an extra income.  Many people enjoy making beaded jewelry because of a few reasons;

  • First off, it’s not hard to do because to create a basic piece of jewelry you only need to thread beads together in a design of your choice
  • Secondly, the materials used to make basic beaded jewelry such as bulk beads are quite affordable
  • Thirdly, beaded jewelry is always in demand as these accessories are simple but adequately complement most outfits

Apart from jewelry, wholesale beads can also be used in craft projects. For example, these beads can be used to make lamp fringes and beaded partitions. Beads can also be used in cloth embroidery to beautify clothing items. Hence, the art of beading does not just end at jewelry making. Wholesale beads are in great demand all over the world. They can be used to beautify items or create beautiful accessories.

There are many retail jewelry supply shops that sell beads. While they offer good quality beads at great prices, the best way to go is to purchase wholesale. The wholesale trade involves selling items in bulk and for jewelry makers and craft people this is the right way to purchase jewelry supplies such as beads in bulk.

Benefits of wholesale purchase of jewelry supplies

The reason that jewelry makers purchase beads and supplies at wholesale prices are as follows;

–    Buying wholesale beads will save you money as opposed to buying your beads on a retail basis. Buying items in bulk means there is less money spent on packaging and stock moves faster. Fast moving goods offer vendors the incentive to sell wholesale jewelry items on a wholesale basis.

–    For jewelry makers and craft people, buying beads in bulk saves a lot of time. You save time because purchases are done at a go instead of making trips to the retail store every other time to replenish stocks.

–    Bulk beads are also popular when there are sales or offers. There are always times when beads sell at discounted prices as jewelry makers buy fresh beads during this time to replenish stocks.

–    On the other hand, bead sellers use discount offers during sales to get rid of outstanding stock so as to bring in new stock.

Different types of  bead you can buy

  • Plastic beads: These are light weight beads often made of acrylic. They come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. They are ideal for jewelry makers who are just beginning their craft.
  • Wood bead: As the name suggests they are beads made of wood. They are in different shades depending on the tree used to make them. They can also be painted in different colors or stained to improve their appearance.
  • Gemstone beads: These are beads made from precious stones while some are created from semi-precious stones.

Apart from the above other types of beads you can purchase from bead suppliers are seed beads, glass beads, and pearl beads. The choice of beads purchased is governed by the money available to purchase the beads. The type of jewelry or item that one needs to make will also determine the type of beads they purchase. However, no matter the type of beads you want, you will find them at wholesale beads suppliers.


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