Different Types of Natural Wooden Beads

Bracelet Beaded

Wooden beads, as the name suggests, are beads made from wood. These beads are valued by jewelry makers because they are light compared to other beads such as gemstone beads. They are also inexpensive compared to gemstone beads but can be used to make beautiful jewelry items. These beads come in a variety of shades as they are made from different types of wood.

  • How to use wood beads

For as many trees as there are on the planet, there are just as many types of beads. Hence, any jewelry maker who chooses to focus on jewelry making using wooden beads is spoilt for choice. However, beads made from wood are not only used to make jewelry. These beads can also be used in craft projects such as making beaded curtains, making interesting key holders and creating abstract sculptures. Hence, these beads are not only used by jewelry makers but by all creative people interested in creating different types of items from beads and other materials.

  • Benefits of purchasing beads made from wood

Wood beads are valued because they are easy to find as they are always available in the market. Apart from how easy it is to access these beads, many people love using these beads because they are quite affordable. Compared to the price of crystal beads and metal beads, these wood beads are often cheap to purchase. In spite of how easy it is to purchase wood beads, they make excellent jewelry when used by talented jewelry makers.

  • Wood beads and ethnic jewelry

Wood beads can be painted or embossed to come up with different textures and appearances. These beads often work well with organic materials such as bone, shell, feathers and leather to make excellent ethnic jewelry. Ethnic jewelry pieces make great statement jewelry pieces yet they don’t cost an arm and a leg like many jewelry items on the market made from precious stones.

Wood Necklace

  • Variety of beads at your disposal

Even without altering the look of wooden beads by painting or embossing, you will still find wood beads in different shades, textures, and finishes. The type of tree used to make these beads determines the color and texture. For example, Bayong wood beads are light brown in color with a lovely soft wood grain pattern and soft sheen to them. Ebony wood beads are the color of dark chocolate with a tight wood grain. Sibucao wood beads are a beautiful orange color with a fine light grain pattern. You have a lot of varieties when it comes to wood beads.

  • Buy your beads wholesale

Since wooden beads are available in so many shades and textures, it makes sense to buy different types at wholesale prices. It makes sense to purchase your wood beads from wholesale bead sellers because they offer cheaper prices than retail sellers. Wholesale bead sellers also have a wide variety of bead selections to choose from hence you can purchase different wood beads for your jewelry making business. Why not purchase your wholesale wood beads today!


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