Reblog: 4 Styles of Bracelets Must See

Beautiful boho  style bracelets! I always can’t resist this trendy style. The last colorful multistrand one, will be so gorgeous to match with my white T shirt & shorts and flat sandals! I must get some nice glass beads to try!

via 4 Styles of Bracelets Must See.

There are lots of fashionable bracelets for you depending on the style you like. Today’s post is a collection of 4 styles of bracelets, including wire wrapped bangle bracelets, bohemia style bracelets, chan luu style bracelets and basic beaded bracelets, which are shown to you today and you must see.
Weekend is right around the corner, which is the unofficial-official-start-of-project? Do you wear a new bracelet when you go out? If you want to try something new, enjoy the surprisingly simple bracelets now and get some fresh ideas!

4 Styles of Bracelets Must See First, wire wrapped bangle bracelets. The world of do-it-yourself bracelet has really stepped up its game. Wire wrapped bracelets are coming hot right now. And wire wrapping is a popular technique that every jewelry maker loves to use, coz wire wrapped jewelry are so much easier to make than they look. Take this bangle for example, and learn to make these trending bangles with jewelry wire wraps around each stone… It is a great project for experienced beginners.

4 Styles of Bracelets Must See

image via/

Second, bohemia style bracelets. If you are looking to add a little style to an otherwise plain outfit, bohemia style bracelets can do just that. This bobo style bracelet that I shared below looks great when layered with other mix-color beads and could be a perfect gift for any friends or a nice addition to your own jewelry collection. Make it, Style it!

4 Styles of Bracelets Must See

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Third, chan luu style bracelets. When I first saw Chan Luu wrap bracelets, I was pretty excited. They look like bangles but are much more comfortable. And it can be flexibility worn as a necklace or anklet because it is so long.

4 Styles of Bracelets Must See

image via/

Forth, beaded bracelets. The most common and basic technique of jewelry making is beading, just sliding beads on the leather cord or wire or else beading supplies. However, the amazing result comes from basic starting. You can use different beads in different colors, materials with different combination to create gorgeous beaded bracelets in no time.

4 Styles of Bracelets Must See

image via/

There is never a shortage of unique bracelet making ideas, but you can browse these 4 styles and click the via/ below the images for detailed instructions. Each one is beautiful and fairly simple to make quickly and no difficult to follow. And you may find that they are very easy to do and really takes your bracelets to the next level. Have fun with it!


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