4 Steps to Make a DIY Summer Bracelet

Summer is coming,we can make DIY summer bracelet to make us more beautiful. As a gift to your friends, summer jewelry is a good choice.


Summer bracelet is so beautiful, right? Maybe you want to have your own diy summer bracelet, Let’s make it together.
jewelry making supplies for summer bracelet:
pearl beads
aluminum wire
brass wire
Tibetan silver pendant

  1. Cut a suitable length of brass wire and slide pearl beads onto it.Easy-Instruction-on-Making-Pearl-Bangle-Bracelet-materials
  2. When finishing sliding pearls onto brass wire, you can make loops with two ends and continue to wrap the wire around the base of the wire until the loops reach the pearl beads.Easy-Instruction-on-Making-Pearl-Bangle-Bracelet-step2
  3. Cut a certain length of aluminum wire to make bangle and make loops with two ends again.
  4. At last you should hook the pearl dangle and other summer pendant to the bangle as you like.

Congratulations! Your own summer bracelet is done. Do you like this DIY summer jewelry? Develop your imagination to make more summer bracelets for yourself and your friends, I bet you’ll enjoy the process of creating.
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