How to Make Simple Flower Chain Necklace

Hey guys, here’s a simple tutorial of a gorgeous long flower chain necklace for your to try! As we all know that flowers are greatly favored by girls for jewelry accessories, purses or outfits and so on. I just love the creative combo of soft flower beaded and hard silver chain, which looks so vintage and classic. If you love this simple flower chain necklace, just read on to learn more details!

bead chain necklace 1

jewelry making supplies for the flower chain necklace:

Rhinestone Acrylic Beads
Iron Twisted Chain
8mm White Glass Peal Bead
10mm Yellow Glass Pearl Bead
Lobster Claw Clasp
Wire Cutting Plier
Flat Plier
Round Nose Plier

bead chain necklace 2

Instructions for flower chain necklace:

First, we need to make basic flower bead chain necklace.And cut a length of 420mm iron twisted chain;
Second, attach the flower rhinestone acrylic bead to the two ends of the chain.

bead chain necklace 3

Third, cut another two 170mm iron twisted chains;
Fourth, attach two ends of the chain to the flower rhinestone acrylic bead of the long chain.
Fifth, cut two 40mm, 50mm, and a 80mm iron twisted chains, attach them to the bottom side of the flower rhinestone acrylic bead in sequence as the picture shows.

bead chain necklace 4

When we finish the above steps, next we finish the rest part of flower chain necklace.
At first, slide four 8mm white glass pearl beads and a 10 mm yellow glass pearl bead with headpins, and loop at the end of headpins;
Then add these five glass pearls to the bottom of the chain.
Finally, add a lobster claw to the chain.

bead chain necklace 5 bead chain necklace 7

That’s it! The stunning long flower chain necklace is quickly finished. By replacing the glass pearl beads with any beads you love can bring your more surprises! Will you make a bunch of the long chain necklace for your best girl friends?! Believe me, they are surely love it!


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