The Versatility of Cabochons

cabochon broochYou may think that cabochons are a foreign concept to you, but the fact is you have probably seen them somewhere. These jewelry items are often seen on rings, pendants and earrings among other accessories. They are often the focal point of accessories hence you can’t miss them. These jewelry accessories can be made from different types of material hence you should not expect to see them made from a particular such as gems. You can find some made from acrylic as well as clay. What is of prime importance is the shape.

  • What are cabs?

These are jewelry stones cut in a way that one side is flat while the other is cut in a convex shape. As opposed to other jewelry stones these stones are polished and shaped instead of being faceted. Hence, they often turn out opaque as opposed to faceted gems which are transparent.

  • The different ways you can use cabochons

Cabs are often used as settings in jewelry items, clothes accessories, and home décor pieces. You can use these jewelry items to make necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. You can also use them as settings in art pieces, to embroider clothing and accessorize items such as hair clips, brooches, bags and shoes. These jewelry items are quite versatile hence they are always available in the stock cabinets of most jewelry makers and craftspeople.

  • Where can you buy cabochons?

Cabs, as they are referred to informally, are easily available. You can purchase cabs from your local jewelry store. You can also purchase them at jewelry fairs where they are always available at discount prices. You can purchase them from a fellow jewelry maker who makes his/her designs. However, the best place to purchase cabs is definitely online jewelry supply cabochons

  • Advantages of purchasing cabs from online shops

Online jewelry supply shops are the best shopping point for most craftsmen and jewelry makers. The reasons why online shops are so popular are;

  • They are easily accessible

If you want to purchase cabochons in a hurry from online shops and you have access to the internet, it’s as easy as going online. You don’t have to drive to your nearest jewelry supplies shop to purchase the cabs that your need. Just go online, pick reliable jewelry supplies websites, pick the cabs you want and place your order. It’s as easy as ABC to shop for jewelry supplies online. Hence, online purchases are quite popular.

  • Save money

Many jewelry supplies shops sell cabs at wholesale prices. Hence, you get lots of cabs and still are able to retain good quality as long as you choose the right merchant. Also, you save the money you would have spent on transport traveling to and from your local jewelry supplies shop if you didn’t purchase your cabs online.

  • Save time

With online jewelry supplies purchases, you don’t have to move from the comfort of your home or workshop. Just go online, make your order and pay from the comfort of your home. Many reliable online jewelry supplies shops will even ship merchandise right to your doorstep. So order your cabochons from reliable online suppliers today for quick and stress-free delivery!


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