Pearl Crafts: Beaded Chinese Abacus

We all love pearl jewelry with its elegance and femininity, however have you ever thought of making pearl crafts? Normally, we would use ribbons, buttons, hama beads and other cute materials to for DIY crafts, what would it be like if making pearl bead crafts then? Today, I want to show you a lovely pearl craft idea- DIY bead pearl abacus. We can make this as necklace pendant or hanging decorations for home. Let’s see more details!


Materials and tools needed in Pearl bead crafts- Chinese abacus:


6mm white pearl beads
silver aluminum wire
0.5mm silver copper wire
Wire cutting plier
Flat plier
Round nose plier

At first, we need to make basic bead craft, means basic beaded abacus.
Prepare three 14cm and two 5cm aluminum wire, loop on the both ends of the 5cm aluminum wires, then link the three long wire to the short wire.
Next prepare a 20cm copper wire, wrap some rings on the top wire, thread 2 pearl beads, then wrap some rings on the middle wire, and thread 5 pearl beads. When finishing above steps, wrap some rings on the bottom wire;


Then we need to complete all beaded pillars. Repeat the above steps and wrap another ten beaded strings, since there are eleven pillars in the Chinese ancient abacus.


Our bead craft is almost done as long as we link the three wires to the other short wire like the picture.




Tada, the funny pearl bead craft is finished. I really love the “soft” and “hard” mix of the graceful white pearls and tough jewelry wire! What pearl bead crafts will you do then? Welcome to share more creative ideas with us! Enjoy crafting!


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