Easy DIY Chain Necklace Tutorial

Hello guys! Today’s topic is about teaching you to make a DIY chain necklace. Have you ever made jewelry for loved ones? If no, I highly recommend you not miss this chain necklace tutorial. It’ll only take you less than 20 minutes to finish it and just imagine the laughing faces of your lovers when you show them the lovely wrapped chain necklace. I bet you can’t wait to start, let’s go!
jewelry making supplies:
making supplies
Medium chain
Jump rings
Lobster Clasps
Jewelry Pliers
1 yard 1/4 inch Ribbon
chain necklace steps
As the picture shows, at first, dip a little glue at the end of ribbon and chain. Then wrap the ribbon around your chain links. Make sure to wrap the ribbon to cover the links correctly.
Then glue at the other end until you wrap both ways. And repeat on the other side of the chain to let dry.
At last, connect the medium chain and lobster clasp with jump rings.
Congratulations! Your wrapped chain necklace is perfectly done! Time to send it to your girl! Nothing can compare with a handmade gift to express your love. You can even make the wrapped chain necklace more lovely and unique by attaching some cute cheap charms. But remember one thing, what make a chain necklace unique are not the chains, but your inner deep love for her.(Original source: I SPY DIY )


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