Why Choose Glass Cabochons for your Projects

Polymer Clay CabochonsYou must have spent very little time in getting to know what cabochons are and their value when it comes to jewelry. The attention of many people is always on the usual jewelry making options but this one is an ideal choice to consider as well. And, there are many reasons why you should think of cabochons as your companion in the world of jewelry. As a start, you need to know that cabochons have one of the sides rounded and smoothed for decoration purposes. The second end is flattened which makes it easy to mount.

You can use fixing materials like glue on the flattened end which is then stuck to the item you are to use the cabochons on. Even though not many people are fond of using cabochons in the modern world, they have been used for very many decades as a way of decoration. They are present in almost every corner of the world and it’s the high time you turned to them to push up your decorative value. Apart from jewelry, you can as well use cabochons with your furniture.

When it’s for jewelry making, you should always go for those cabochons made of glass for these reasons:

  • Versatility- glass itself as a material is very versatile and it will be a good reason to consider it for your cabochons. You can have them used for furniture, plaques, pendants, trophies, wedding flavors, boxes and books among many other ways. You can get glass cabochons in varied sizes, shapes and colors which will make your selection easier.
  • Durability- glass material can last for longer periods if handled well. Many people think that because the material is brittle it cannot offer durability guarantee for a jewelry project. Among the many other types of glass, cabochons made of glass come with strength and durability. The only thing you need to do is avoid mishandling them and you will enjoy using your cabochons for prolonged periods.

cabochons jewelry

  • Luxurious- glass cabochons come with the looks of luxury and that is something you will be interested in. It is a good option for those people who are out to maintain their class and lifestyle in the society. The shining looks of glass material reflect your character positively so don’t overlook glass cabochons for any other type. You must have them to show the other side of your luxurious lifestyle.
  • Good selection– you will be able to get glass cabochons of whatever type you want in the market because their selection is heavy and wide. You will get those of different colors, sizes and shapes for you to make the right and informed choices. Once you are able to consider all that, there will be no difficulties getting glass cabochons of your choice.

Whether you want cabochons for a jewelry or furniture project, it will be a good decision to go for those made of glass because of reasons discussed above. Precisely, they will be ideal for do-it-yourself projects since they don’t have too many requirements like professional skills and training.


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