2 of My Favorite Supplies for Making Jewelry

Hello, my dear readers, instead of sharing jewelry making tutorials, today I want to introduce 2 of my favorite supplies for making jewelry, glass beads and Tibetan style pendants.
glass beads
Glass beads are fascinating, beautiful creations with various colors, they have functioned as currency, gifts, works of art, While one of the most common use of them is jewelry making. Amazing, right?!
beaded bracelet
This beaded bracelet used glass beads in blue and black, which makes the bracelet a little neutral. I believe that anyone who wears it will stand out from the crowd, since glass beads are never out of date.
beaded necklace
Different from the bracelet, this beaded necklace used glass beads in bright color, which make it so dazzling and sparkly.
Tibetan style pendants
As a Chinese girl, I have been yearning for Tibet. So I prefer to use Tibetan style pendants in jewelry making. They are full of exotic atmosphere, which always makes me think up fascinating and charming heroines in old movies.
Tibetan style bracelet
This bracelet with Tibetan style pendants surprises me absolutely with its unique color assortment. Brilliant beads with silver Tibetan style pendant, it looks so neoteric, I couldn’t sigh with emotion, nothing is impossible!
Tibetan style necklace&bracelet
This kind of beaded necklace and bracelet would be so ordinary and common without Tibetan style pendants. I could not imagine what the necklace and the bracelet will look like if the Tibetan style pendants had not been added to them. Sometimes little small things turn the foul and rotten into the rare and ethereal.
After appreciating the above supplies, do you have a crush on them? Do you want to use them to make your own jewelry? What you need to do is go for some jewelry making supplies and tutorials online, I’m sure you will fall in love with them.


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