Ultimate Working Guide for Seed Beads

Seed beads earringsThere is no special treatment for seed beads when you are working out your jewelry works. They might come with a few variations from other types in the market but nothing that big. The fact that they are tiny in nature might draw your attention to how they should be used. Even with that, nothing should take your focus out of the project you are working on. The biggest advantage of seed beads is that they are used for coming up with complex patterns and designs for any jewelry project.

You might be a beginner without enough knowledge of how to work with seed beads in accomplishing your jewelry project. Don’t worry because this guideline will give you the ultimate instructions to follow:

  • Know beads size– depending on the type of project you are working on, the size of seed beads to use will vary from time to time. To make sure such variations don’t interfere with your work, make sure you have known the right size of beads that you need to work with. You will find information about bead size on the packages whenever you are making purchase.
  • Choose project– once you have known the type and size of beads you will be working with, it will guide you on choosing the right project to settle for. You can come up with a sketch of how you expect the project to look like and that will give you a rough idea. The project you settle for must be able to accommodate all the beads you have chosen so don’t choose the one that will require more beads than you have.
  • Seek supplies– the next step will be getting all the necessary seed beads supplies on board. These are the side items that you will find useful for you to complete your jewelry work. You will not be able to do everything with just the beads so add some supplies. Needles are one of the supplies and it’s advisable you use those of a corresponding size as the beads. You will also need to have wires among other supplies that should not be ignored.
  • Start stringing– this will be the last step when working with seed beads for jewelry. The manner in which you string will depend a lot on what you are creating. For instance, stringing for necklaces and bracelets will have some differences. Whichever you are creating, it will be important that you follow the given instructions and string carefully not to have flaws on your jewelry. If you need some assistance, don’t shy away from seeking that. It will not take you long to complete stringing but it will depend on size of your project.

Blue Bead & Crystal EarringsBe informed that the size of your beads will determine how many you use for your project. If the bead size is big, you will definitely require small number of beads for your project and vice versa. Also, you need to give top consideration for bee wax as the best alternative for strengthening your seed beads thread. This wax has very minimal threads that are tangled up.


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