3 Steps to Make Fabulous Hoop Earrings at Home

Compared to necklaces and bracelets, earrings are often being ignored by us. But a pair of proper earrings can make us win more attention, especially big hoop earrings. I guess most of you bought earrings before without thinking of making your own hoop earrings. Today I will tell you how to make beaded hoop earrings at home, want to have a try? Now let’s get started!
Materials and tools needed in making beaded hoop earrings:
0.8MM Copper Wire
0.3MM Copper Wire
4MM Seed Beads
Earring Hooks
Step1, first trim off about 18cm, 0.8mm copper wire, and bend the wire into “U” shape, then loop at one wire end. Second, hook the wire to close the mouth of “U”. We can see from the picture that the wire looks like a teardrop now.

Step2, first trim off about 30 cm 0.3 mm copper wire, and twine it about 2cm around the teardrop. Then string forty 4mm seed beads onto the 0.3mm copper wire, and repeat to wrap the beaded wire about 5cm around the teardrop. Next, trim off the extra wire after twining the 0.3mm wire.

Step3, add an earring hook to the top loop of the teardrop frame.
hoop earrings
Tata, a pair of fabulous beaded hoop earrings are instantly finished. I like white so I make white hoop earrings. You can choose other beads with different colors and shapes as you like. Based on this beaded hoop earrings tutorial, I believe that you could make more pretty earrings. Sometimes we don’t know how big our potential is without trying, so just do it!


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