Advantages and disadvantages of using magnetic clasps

Magnetic ClaspsMagnetic clasps are jewelry clasps that use strong magnets as fasteners to keep both ends of a jewelry item together. These clasps are available in a variety of beautiful designs, and yet they are functional as well. These clasps have become quite popular among jewelry makers. Clasps with magnets have quite some advantages that make them popular with jewelry lovers.

Pros of using magnetic clasps in jewelry

Safe and easy to use

It’s easy to use jewelry with clasps made of magnets because all you have to is place both ends of the jewelry item together to fasten it. The magnetic pull of the metal will attract both ends to each other and keep the jewelry item securely closed. Hence, these clasps are often used to make ornaments for people with joint problems and children so that they don’t have to struggle to put their jewelry on and off.

Magnetic fasteners have health benefits

Magnets in jewelry have been proven to have health benefits. In fact, some people wear magnetic jewelry for therapeutic purposes rather than adornment. The magnetic pull in jewelry can help in pain relief and blood circulation problems. Hence, many people suffering from arthritis, chronic joint pains and inflammation benefit from wearing jewelry with magnets.

Things to consider when purchasing magnetic clasps


Magnetic fasteners are available in a variety of sizes, and a buyer needs to make purchases according to his/her needs. Keep in mind that how heavy a jewelry item is will determine the size of the clasp you buy. For example, if the jewelry piece is big and heavy, then you need a big clasp proportionate to it to ensure that it stays secure when it is put on.


Clasps can serve more than one purpose in jewelry. If you want your clasps to be decorative in addition to securing a jewelry item, then there are many decorative clasps with beautiful designs to choose. However, if you are looking for a clasp that is just functional, then choose the ones that are simple and can handle the weight of your jewelry item to ensure its stays locked when worn.

Different metals

Magnetic clasps are available in different metal tones and plates. Some clasps are silver plated; others are gold plated while others are brass or bronze. Hence, there is a wide selection of clasps to choose from on sale in shops and online.

Shopping online for clasps

WireKnitz claspIt’s easy to purchase clasps online. The benefit of purchasing clasps from reputable online vendors as opposed to purchasing from brick and mortar shops is you save time and money. Online shops are just a click away, and you don’t have to leave your home or office to shop for clasps. Online shops also have the latest styles and designs when it comes to magnetic clasps, and they sell them at quite affordable prices. Clasps are an essential item when it comes to jewelry making so why not order your clasps today!


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