Easy Tutorial on Making a Lovely Mobile Chain

Hello, my dear readers, instead of sharing jewelry tutorials with you, today I want to tell you how to make a mobile chain. Sometimes we may spend money buying mobile accessories to decorate our mobile phones. We could save much money if we know how to make it ourselves. In this tutorial, I would like to teach you how to make a mobile chain with pearl beads.

mobile chain

Beads and tools needed in making the mobile chain:


Pearl bead;
Bead cap;
Tibetan style bead and mobile phone strap.
Steps to make the mobile chain:

mobile chain steps

  1. Slide the pearl bead, bead cap, Tibetan style bead onto the eyepin and looped over the bead to get the simple link.
  2. Hook the pendant to the simple link.
  3. Connect another loop of the simple link to the mobile phone strap

mobile chain

Tata, a lovely mobile chain is instantly finished!! I bet it didn’t cost you 5 minutes, right? Sometimes amazing happens within only few minutes. This mobile chain is super match to mobile phone and adds much lovely temperament to your mobile phone. So next time to make one yourself instead of spending money on buying mobile chain, just get some wholesale beads, I’m sure you will enjoy the achievements you obtained.


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