Using Wooden Beads in Jewelry Making

mermaid wooden beadWooden beads are quite popular in jewelry making and craft projects. Beads made from wood are available in a number of shades, shapes, textures and sizes. Since they are readily available they are often taken for granted. However, wood bead are quite interesting beads because they are so versatile and can make amazing jewelry items but they are not expensive. In addition, they are broadly used in craft projects and home décor.

As many trees as there are in the world there are wood beads for making jewelry. Some beads are made from hardwood trees such as Ebony. Other beads are made from softwood trees such as Redwood. Based on the type of wood that beads are made from, beads made from wood differ in texture and color. Some jewelers add value to beads by staining, painting or varnishing but they are still beautiful in their natural state.

  • What are the advantages of using wooden beads?

Wood beads are favored by jewelry makers above other types of beads because they are quite affordable. They are affordable compared to beads made from items such as gemstones. Just because they are affordable doesn’t mean they make cheap jewelry. In fact jewelry made from wood beads makes excellent statement pieces valued by people that love organic jewelry items.

Wooden beads are also valued for their variety. There is no limit to the number of beads that jewelry makers can use to create necklaces, bracelets and earrings. There are ebony beads, sandalwood beads, redwood beans and rosewood beads among others. The type of wood used to make beads determines their texture and color. For example, ebony beads are dark, sandalwood beads are light in color. The variety in color, texture and density means that wood beads are interesting to work with and can be used to make beautiful and unique jewelry items.

Wooden Bead NecklaceWood beads are quite affordable compared to other beads such as those made using precious stones. They are used to make artistic jewelry for everyday use because they are quite hardy and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Jewelry made from wood beads is valued by people that are allergic to different kinds of metals, as well. Few people if any exhibit a bad reaction to wearing jewelry made using wood beads. Some people complain that wood beads are not colorful but this is not true as wood beads can be colored to make them vibrant.

  • Purchase beads online

There are many advantages when it comes to using beads made from wood. Hence, every jewelry maker should have a variety of wood beads in his/her supplies cabinets. In addition, it’s important to buy other beads to mix with the wood beads such as those made from metals and bones. Having a selection of organic materials such as bone beads and wood beads will help create beautiful ethnic jewelry.

The best place to purchase wood beads is online. Reliable online bead vendors have a wide selection of wooden beads to choose from among other jewelry making supplies. Shopping online for beads is easy and can save you money. So why not order your wood beads online today!


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