How to Make an Easy Braided Charm Bracelet in 15 Minutes

Sometimes we don’t know what gift is best for our friends, sometimes we spent much while the result is not so good. Why make a gift yourself like charm bracelet? People will feel grateful when you spend time making gift for them. Here is a wire charm bracelet tutorial, now follow me, let’s make DIY gifts for our friends.
charm bracelet
Materials needed in making a single braided bracelet:
How to Make a Single Braided Charm bracelet out of Suede Cord (2)
1.5MM Aluminum Wire
Yellow Suede Cords
Green Suede Cords
Pink Suede Cords
Tibetan Style Pendants
Jump rings
Instructions for making the single braided bracelet:
First, trim off a length of 20cm 1.5mm aluminum wire. Then wrap the wire around a cylinder several turns and you could get a circle wire wrapped bangle after you take it out of the cylinder. The size could be adjusted according to your wrist.
How to Make a Single Braided Charm bracelet out of Suede Cord (3)
Second, trim off 3 lengths of 40cm different colors of suede cords, slide the three cords through the bangle frame, and if you want the same length of cord on either side you could fold them in half. Then divide the six suede cords into three different strands like the picture. Then make the first braid stroke around the bangle to secure all of the cords and use a 3-strand braid way to make the single braided bracelet. Go on to braid until the entire bangle is covered.
How to Make a Single Braided Charm bracelet out of Suede Cord (4)
Last, take one of the suede cords to tie a side knot around the rest of the cord strands, pull it tight and cut the ends of the each suede cord. Then add charms with jump rings directly onto the single braided bracelet between the beginning and end of the bracelet.
How to Make a Single Braided Charm bracelet out of Suede Cord (5)
Well done!! A braided charm bracelet is instantly finished, so easy, right? Time to send it to your friends! You could change the patterns as you like and create more fabulous charm bracelets for them. I bet your friends will like it very much even though they don’t wear it all the time. Cause a handmade gift will never go wrong.


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