Glass Beads and What You Can Make Out of Them

Skeleton Key Lampwork Glass Beaded Lariat NecklaceRecent times have seen beading become a very popular hobby for most people. The introduction of beads of different varieties has made it possible for people to try everything they can imagine and make fantastic creations.  By using these beads, it is possible to design all sorts of jewelries such as earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces. Glass beads are highly adorable and can be used for many different purposes than you can even imagine of. Depending on your creativity, you can use these beads to make some highly sophisticated jewelry items.

Jewelry making

It is needless to say that jewelry making is the most commonly known usage for glass beads and in fact, this use is what has made them so popular in recent times. Pieces of jewelry made with these types of beads are highly awesome and have the best looks that you can ever wish for. The beads can be used to make different types of jewelries ranging from bracelets to necklaces and everything else in between. The good thing with using these beads to make jewelry is that they are very easy to work with and their great versatility means that they have so many different uses.


These days, the craft of crocheting has increasingly become popular and it is being adopted by many different people. Fortunately, there is no better way to do it than with glass beads and you can be assured of fantastic results. These beads are essentially known to give the items crocheted the elegance and uniqueness that you always desire. You can crochet many different objects and items such as handbags, caps, flower baskets, tote, teapots and cups and you can be certain that you will be thrilled with the end results.


Use of glass beads to make or design wreaths is probably something that you have never though of but the truth of the matter is that this is one of the uses of these items. Once you have finished making the wreath with them, you can be sure and certain that it will appear great and lovely and the beads adds the much needed sparkle and shine to the creations. The beads are incredibly colorful and beautiful and you can be sure that they will make the wreath look at its best.

Floral works

Glass Beaded KeychainFor those who engage in floral projects, glass beads are among the most ideal types of beads that you can ever use. In this regard, the incredibly beautiful beads need to be incorporated in the crafting and you can be sure that you will end up having one of the best creations that you can ever wish for. Most homes usually have flower vases that contain sand and river rock and are among the most beautiful things that you can ever set your eyes on. Through addition of different shapes and sizes of glass beads, you will make your floral project much more interesting and lovely.


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