Guide for Using Cabochons in Jewelry

Jewelry Glass CabochonFor starters, Cabochons are flattened stones that are used as replacements for beads and gemstones in jewelry. They are very popular today that a big number of designers have opted to have them for their projects. The main reason why they are increasingly becoming popular is their availability in varied sizes, styles and colors. You will have the freedom of choosing the one that best suits your needs satisfaction.  You can have Cabochons used to make bracelets, necklaces and earrings among many other types of jewelry.

Use the right tools

You should not be worried about how they are mounted to your jewelry. They can come alone or with beads and gemstones all of which will help achieve your mission. They will bring in the unique feel as well as fresh touch to your jewelry in the best way. Make sure you have the right tools of trade if you hope to make the best out of your Cabochons. It will be very easy and stress-free to create the best jewelry designs since nothing will have the room to go awry.

In case you are very fresh in this field of jewelry making, it is recommended that you take it easy at first. Be very careful on the type of Cabochons you have for your creations. They must be easy and simple to create. You can choose to start with earrings because they are not complex and will be a good starting point. You can then graduate to more intricate projects the moment you gain experience. The process has to be gradual as a beginner but you can start with anything if you are a professional jewelry designer.

One of the top things to do is gathering around all the supplies that you intend to use for making your jewelry. Ensure the setting and stone of your Cabochons are of the same size. Uniformity is very critical in this one and must be upheld all the time. If one is bigger or smaller than the other, they will not work as you may wish and will create a bad impression about your general looks. Both have to be joined together in a sturdy way to make sure nothing falls apart. Super glue is the best one to use and its flat back will make gluing very easy.

Choose quality glue

stone cabochonsWhen making a choice on the glue to use, pay huge attention to the brands you consider since there are some that don’t offer the best bond. You must use glue that will hold both sets intact and for longer times. Once you are through with creating your jewelry with Cabochons, it is advisable that you leave it free for some time to dry. You should not use your jewelry when glue is wet because that might compromise on its durability.

That is the simple guideline that will help you to come up with outstanding jewelry using these materials. Make sure you follow everything strictly without overlooking any step whether it’s minor or major.


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