Various Ideas for Jewelry Making

Among the many things you can make out of the beads for jewelry making is the bracelet. The great thing is that there are plenty of ideas available for making different types of bracelets. It does not have to be a simple beaded bracelet, you can bring many variations. All it takes is your imagination and you can accomplish many things.

Chevron Bracelet

In this post, I would like to share my personal bracelet called the chevron bracelet. All you need is a string and some nuts. I made my first one using blue string.

Here is the step by step tutorial that explains how you can make one.

  • Before starting the braid, I would recommend you to place one end of the bracelet between the drawers of the coffee table. This will help you in holding the bracelet strands and make a tight braid.
  • Make regular braid till 2 inches and then keep on adding nuts and braid. The nuts are supposed to be in the middle. As you reach the ends, shift towards the regular braid.
  • At the end of the bracelet, you are supposed to place a clasp. It is recommended to use a toggle clasp.
  • Now you must trim the extra lace and you are done with creating the bracelet
  • Instead of the nuts, you can also add different types of beads for jewelry making.

Shiny Ring

There is more that I would like to share with you when it comes to beads for jewelry making.  It is again one of my personal favorites; I call it the shiny rings.

You need to have the best glitter, adjustable ring having a setting pad, some toothpicks and ring cushion. Here is now you can make this beautiful piece of ring:

  • Take the ring and place it in the ring cushion.
  • Take half teaspoon of glitter and add 1/4 teaspoon of varnish glue and mix it will. Make sure the glitter is more than the glue.
  • Use toothpick to apply this mixture onto the setting of the ring. You can also place some beads for jewelry making on top if you want but I like mine simple.
  • Let the ring dry according to the instructions of the glue.
  • You will have your sparkling ring ready in no time. You can make it in different colors. Make sure you use the best quality glitter for this purpose.

There are plenty of other ideas related to beads for jewelry making which no jewelry lover can resist. When I first started making jewelry, I was so much overwhelmed by the ideas that it was getting hard for me to decide where to begin with. That’s why I have shared some simple ideas that anyone can get started with. You don’t really need expensive supplies and beads for jewelry making for the simple projects like these. As long as you have the right supplies and the best ideas in your head, you are going to end up making the most wonderful jewelry items. The benefit is that you will have a lot to wear.


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