How to Organize Jewelry Making Supplies?

Jewelry making supplies are the most difficult challenge to organize because they are so small and are of many different kinds of things to keep a track of. I have a lot of jewelry supplies as I have an addiction to collect different types of beads and charms. Too many things mean you have a bigger mess to clean. It is very important for a jewelry maker to store all bits and bobs organized and controlled for further use. When you have organized everything in a system, it becomes easier for you to find things you want in almost no time. It also helps you in saving money from buying something you need again and again and you are unable to find it due to misplacement.

To keep your jewelry making supplies organized in a place, you need to remember just a few rules that I am going to discuss with you. These general rules will help you to organize your things systematically.

Rule no. 1:

There must be a place for every single thing you have in supplies and everything must be present in its own place. This rule means you must have a specific place for each thing and you must take care of putting that thing in its place. You cannot just shove your molding tools with paintbrushes and expect to be able to find any of them easily when needed. It is best to simply group all similar tools and supplies, then put them in appropriate sized containers.

Rule no. 2:

The jewelry making supplies and tools you use frequently must be stored within your nearest reach. If you use anything too often then you must keep it closer to you, but the tools or supplies you use less frequently are the hardest things to find when you need them. If you organize things well you don’t have to work that much harder to find the rarest materials.

Rule no. 3:

Label the containers to know what you have kept in which container in the 1st glance. The ability to identify the materials in boxes and the containers will save a lot of time and effort. To keep the place neat and tidy, label same looking containers in the same way and line up them in a row prettily.

Rule no. 4:

If you are a jewelry maker, you will be very visual which means that visual mess can interrupt your creative thinking process. Be sure that your jewelry making supplies   storage is neat, clean and attractive. Use pretty containers and tidy storage boxes; place them in a good organized way by stacking them together. Once you have used a tool put it back on its place.

These were some of the basic rules, start following them and you will find your jewelry making supplies storage easy to maintain and manage. An organized space is very favorable to an orderly productive brain, as it reduces the stress of finding things.


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