A Set of Jewelry for Winter

Hello guys, nice to see ya again! You know, with the winter approaching, it becomes more and more freezing. People have already put on winter’s clothes, why don’t wear winter’s jewelry now? Yes, you are lucky enough guys. Today I am going to share you a set of pretty jewelry for winter. Ok, let’s start to see one by one~
icicle earrings
1.Sparkling icicle earrings
I love the jewelry design so much, the glass beads with different sizes are placed according to the sequence from big to small, which makes it seems like an icicle, so creative and vivid! Do you love it guys?
Snowflake Bracelet2.Snowflake bracelet
As an old saying goes, less is more! Yes, I was charmed by its simple design. Simplicity looks more graceful than complex things. The snowflakes are the finishing touch of this design. If no it, the bracelet would be tedious. Besides, the luster is also pure and clean. Love it!
sterling silver antler ring
3.Cute sterling silver antler ring
Wow, so cute ring! Its small and delicate pattern attracts me so much! As you know, Christmas is coming, so it’s a good choice for us. In addition, this one suits females at all-level.
Sterling Silver Snowflake Pendant - Necklace
4.Sterling Silver Snowflake Pendant – Necklace
Last but not least. I think the white and light blue colors matches so perfectly. And these 2 color also cater to the characters of winter~ meanwhile, I have a special preference for silver, so I choose it to share with you~
Hey guys, do you love today’s jewelry? If you wear them in winter, you must look more beautiful~ believe it or not. Hope you like them and wish you a good day.


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