Things You Can Do With The Buttons And Beading Supplies

Designers use many accessories to design clothes. Most of the designers use the buttons of different types and add to their product so that it looks fashionable and stylish. Being a fashion designer, you have to look for many ways to create a design. A pro designer would use many different kinds of beading supplies for designing the clothes. The most popular kind of beading supply are the wholesale buttons. You can find the buttons in various types, size and shapes. Being a jewelry designer, I use the buttons for designing a piece of jewelry like necklaces and bracelets.

I personally have created a wide range of interesting and distinguish buttons and now I would like to share my experience of creating great jewelry items using the beads and buttons. Now I am going to share with you some of my ideas of how to utilize the buttons and beads for creating elegant jewelry items.

Headband for kids

With the help of the wholesale buttons, you can create a great button headband. This band is liked by the children very much. For this you do not require any kind of special supplies you just need a plain and simple headband on which you can stick the colorful buttons of different shapes and sizes with the help of a strong adhesive. Once you have stuck all the buttons, leave it to dry and when the adhesive is all dried up your headband is ready.

Create and decorate a jewelry box

You can use different kinds of beading supplies for decorating a jewelry box. The buttons are the best choice for decorating the box. For this, you do not require any kind of special jewelry box you can use some ornament and stick some glue to the buttons and place them over the box. Once the glue is dried your jewelry box is complete.

Garland buttons

As you know that the Christmas Eve is near. So if you want to make this day a lot more special by creating a garland using the wholesale buttons, you can use the drapes and buttons around your tree. You can add sparkly and colorful buttons which are used in making garlands.

Egg covered by buttons

When it comes to decorating the Easter eggs you look for paints and all that stuff. But now I have a great idea for you to decorate these eggs. You can use the sticky small buttons all over your egg. You can use different colorful buttons and create different shapes with these buttons. This way you can create a cute little Easter egg.

Belts and other accessories

With the help of the wholesale buttons, you can almost decorate anything. You can also decorate your belts with the help of these buttons. First of all, get a belt which should be plain. Apply the buttons all over the belt in such a way that you can easily use it. There are metallic buttons available in the market and if you have a black leather belt then you can use the metallic buttons to decorate it. With the help of glue, you can stick the buttons over the belt.


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