How to use Beads for jewelry making?

Different kinds of beads used in pieces of jewelry give them the most elegant look. I love jewelry making, my projects are very special and rare as I use different types of beads for jewelry making. Beaded jewelry is the most popular and ancient invention. You can create a variety of various types of projects using beads for jewelry making that may include bracelets, necklaces, earrings, anklets, and armbands. Nowadays, you can find an impressive range of beads in various different types, shapes, sizes, and textures. You can customize your work by using birthstones or their crystal equivalent beads for jewelry making.

Making your own jewelry is the most interesting and exciting way to get the exact kind of jewelry you want but never get in the market. When you are starting a project, you will need to have basic knowledge of tools and supplies that are going to be used for making jewelry and beaded projects. Let’s have a look at the basic tools and supplies that are used in making customized jewelry projects.

Basic tools used for making beaded jewelry:

Here are a few basic tools and supplies by which you can create the most artistic, elegant and classical looking projects. Whatever style you have in your mind, these tools will help you in giving a physical shape to your creative thinking.

You will need wire cutters, nose pliers, beading cord or plastic thread, crimping tool, big-eye beading needle, assorted clasps, memory wire,  measuring tape, strong adhesive, glue gun, ear-wires, crimp beads for jewelry making, and bead organizer.

Types of beads used for jewelry making:

There are countless styles and methods that can be used to make endless variations in jewelry. If you love wearing bracelets, you have a lot of options of making customizable stylish bracelets with simplest methods using beads.

Here are some kinds of beads that can be using in jewelry making projects:

Regular beads: these beads are used as the main body of the jewelry or can also be used to give spaces in any elaborate piece of the project. Large beads can be used as a single piece in earrings, rings, and even pendants.

Seed beads: seed beads available in a large size can be used as the main body while the smaller beads are mostly used as spacers.

Pony beads: these beads are mostly used in children’s crafts and can be used as spacers in making necklaces or bracelets. These beads come in various shapes and designs.

Charm beads: these are the most popular kind of beads, often used as a focal piece for necklaces and pendants. Bracelets made by charm beads are loved by all.

Specialty beads: these are used as links, clasps, stoppers and spacers in jewelry making and beaded projects.

Above mentioned are only a few types of beads for jewelry making, there is a huge variety that comes in different shapes and sizes. By using these beads and the above-mentioned tools, you can create amazing jewelry pieces for yourself as well as your friends.


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