How to Use Acrylic Beads for Various Purposes?

Use of Acrylic beads for making jewelry and other decoration items is very common these days. They are normal plastic beads also known as Lucite beads. Acrylic beads are easily available in jewelry and handcraft stores in different sizes and shapes like round, flat, leaf, flower and many other shapes. They look bright, stylish and help you to create elegant designs at reasonable prices.

The choice of acrylic beads being used depends on the kind of occasion for which you want the jewelry or the kinds of jewelry you want. There is wide range available in jewelry markets to choose from. Before buying any of these kinds you must know what variety they are available. There are antique, printed, gemstone shaped, colorful, painted, transparent, crystal shaped, or metal beads. One can use any kind to make the necklaces or the other to match for earring or bracelets.

As they are cheaper in prices as compared to their quality, so it doesn’t matter how many beads you will need to experiment different designs and the perfect piece you finally decide to wear. You can also buy strings and locks for your jewelry from the same store from where you buy the beads. It is so easy to create elegant jewelry from these beautiful acrylic beads that even little angles in your home can help you out in this lovely activity.

Uses other than jewelry making:

Other than making jewelry you can also use the large sized acrylic beads to make decoration pieces for your house or for gifting it to friends and family. They can also be sewed easily in clothing’s. So one can use them in personal wears, curtains, bedsheets, cushions and furniture covers. Clothing can include baby shoes, dresses, your hats, gloves and other wearables. You can also decorate your bags and other home accessories. You can also decorate glass vases, decoration baskets, wall hangings, and bouquets. That one fantastic idea no other friend of yours would think it the interior or your car which can be renewed or decorated with the help of these beads very easily. These beads add a very beautiful and eye-catching effect to all the articles mentioned above.

Material used for beads:

The material other than beads which you may need to make jewelry or decoration are metal wires, plastic strings, metals nobs or locks, glue or glue gun, etc. One can take guidelines from net tutorials initially, but if you have a creative mind it is really very easy to just create new ideas of patterns and styles for your designs. The colorful and attractive bead collection once in front of you automatically grabs the attention of a creative person to invent something new to inspire others.

Nowadays, the trend of making these stylish jewelry pieces all by yourself with unique and elegant designs is very popular. People are not only making these jewelry for themselves, friends or family. But these handmade jewelry and decoration items are also being used for sale purposes as the variety of acrylic beads available makes it easy for the buyers to select the item of their choice.


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