Sell Wholesale Beads at Kids Summer Fayre

If you are a parent to a young child, there are higher chances that you will be asked to provide support to the school one day or another. Schools don’t directly ask for donations upright, they organize fundraising events for the purpose of building community spirt. That’s why many schools organize the summer fayre. These fayres are meant for raising money for the school so that the authorities can continue with the repairs and upgrades during the summer holiday. Most of the parents come up with the idea of installing goods to donate for providing support for the event. In case you are looking for fun or inspiration and you don’t want to do the typical thing, it would be a great idea to sell the wholesale beads.

Sell the beads

Every kid wishes that his parents provide the best contribution. I know I would have wanted that. Commonly, parents choose to bake cakes and sell them at the school fair but in case you are a working parent and can’t really sweat in the kitchen, then the best idea to begin with would be choosing wholesale beads. They are widely available and they are inexpensive. You can find them in a variety of colors and they can be fun to use too.

If you think it is not a really good idea then I would like to tell you one thing here. Many kids would love to come to your stall to buy these wholesale beads because it would attract any eye to come and make crafts with beads and similar other jewelry findings. Don’t just keep the beads at your stall, have some jewelry items and craft items along too so that your audience gets to know they can make different things from these supplies.

Make the arrangements

On the summer fayre, all you will need a table and some chairs. The setting of the table should be according to the color of the boxes, and the size and shape of the beads you want to sell. Once the boxes are arranged, you are ready to go. Invite the kids to buy a seat and table and play with the beads. You can give 20 minutes to each kid and then play all they want with the beads. Talk to them and help them in tying the bracelet made from the cotton thread. You can give away these bracelets to the kids as a remainder of this exhibition at the fayre.

Make sure that you can find beads of bigger sizes so that it becomes simple for the kids use these beads and other parents would be satisfied that these beads are safe to use for kids. Make sure that you advise the children in picking the wholesale beads and let them use their creativity for creating the funny and funky jewelry pieces. It will even make them curious to learn more about beads and jewelry making. Wholesale beads would make it easy for everyone to enjoy the benefits of making the jewelry with their creativity.



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