Wholesale Beads – The Best Solution To Jewellery

If you like jewellery or want to design your own, the first rule of thumb that you need to understand is that glass beads are going to be the best thing you will ever lay your hands on. The versatility and freedom of creativity that glass beads offer is basically unparalleled. Not only can you make your own beads and have major bragging rights on the things you design, they are cheap. And thus we come to wholesale beads.

Why buy them at bulk?

If you are just starting out, you will not be able to understand why you should buy at a bulk. I did not too when I was starting out. But as it turns out, when you are working with beads, you need quite a bit to design your pieces. This becomes all the more important when you are looking to sell these off. Remember, all businesses start slow. In fact, the jewellery business mostly gains momentum by word of mouth. When someone sees an interesting piece of jewellery on someone else, the first thing that they want is to get one themselves. Hence, it is inevitable that you will have to make multiple copies of the same piece of jewellery. And therein comes the benefit of buying wholesale beads.


Just one word to describe all your hard work. Profit is one of the most important things ever invented (EVER). Thus, when you buy wholesale beads, you can argue for the price. No shop keeper likes to haggle over the price when you are looking to buy 10 pieces of glass beads. I mean why would they? They are not really doing any serious business. Go to them with an order of 500 pieces and you can see the sudden magical transformation the same shopkeeper has. Now, the question remains, how risky is that investment. What I suggest is this: Make about 5 different pieces of jewellery that you think are interesting. Have them appraised by people around you (family and best friends work wonders, trust me). When they have given their opinions on which they like, make a few changes here and there to the designs and make different versions of the same one. Finally, decide on how many you are looking to initially make for each. Count up the beads you need and there you go. Your very first order of wholesale beads confirmed.

Getting the right designs

When you are looking at glass jewellery, remember that there are 2 things that matter: newer designs and the quality of the beads. For the first, you have the internet. Prepare to invest some time to find out new designs. And aim low. Do not start working on highly complex ones at the very beginning. Start slow and once you gain experience, go higher. For the second, be ready to scourge through shops. Do not be encouraged to buy lower quality beads, even if the price is lower. Always ask yourself this: Would I buy it if sold to? Wholesale beads are already pretty cheap; especially if you mix your orders with different ones in a single lot. So always consider quality over quantity.

Keep these small tips in mind and you will be set on your journey to becoming a true craftsman.



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