Easy Way To Create Earrings With Cheap Beads

We love earrings for their power to make an ordinary look trendy and on the go. Many times people just ignore them, but when you have a minimalistic eye catcher dangling around your ears, there is no reason to burden yourself with bold chokers and fancy bracelets. Just invest in a couple of beautiful and intricate earrings and you’re good to go.

Even better options are out there, and since my personal inclination has always been creating personalized jewelry, I am going to call out on all the earring lovers today and present them with very valuable steps to designing your own earrings. You can put these on for school, a girl’s night out or simply a day in the park with your favorite book under the sunlight.

A beautiful pair of earrings can be created with cheap beads, easily. These beads are not of the premium quality but are best for light suited pieces. What’s more is that if you lose or break these pieces, you can always make new ones.

Things you need to create earrings with cheap beads

Prepare this checklist below, before heading out to the stores. You will need these items in bulk because once you get the hang of it; there will be no stopping you. It is indeed the best thing about personalized crafts!

  1. Tools: Since you will be dealing with metals, reshaping them and cutting pieces will need a nose plier and a wire cutter. More tools are used but since we’re talking about pieces made of cheap beads, these two will suffice.
  2. Earring hooks, clips & studs: Stainless and hypo allergic material is the best investment you can make while buying hooks for earrings because you wouldn’t want your customers or yourself troubling with earlobe infections.
  3. Beads: you can purchase cheap beads in bulk because you’ll find that as the product demand soars you’ll need to restore them very quickly. Consider buying these beads in various sizes.
  4. Beading threaded needle

Create your earrings with following steps

Follow these steps and create your first pair of earrings with no complications.

  1. Pick your favorite combination of 5 or 4 beads because we are going to work our way into making single strand beaded earrings. Arrange them in the order you would want your earrings to have. Mix and match colors and create a pattern.
  2. Insert these beads one-by-one in each headpin. Now take a plier and create a soft bend on each needle.
  3. Now mark a point on the bended needle at distance of half-inch from the beads. Cut the outward portion from the marked point using wire cutter.
  4. Now using plier, further bend the remaining needle to complete 180 degrees. It will form into a fishnet hook.
  5. Finish off the product by inserting each bent needle into earring hooks. Further, seal the needle curves inward using pliers and you’re set to try on your personalized pair of earrings!

Be sure to experiment with different styles from time to time. Purchase cheap beads in wholesale because the items just magically run out or become expensive with time.


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