Learn How To Make Bracelets Using Glass Beads

It is seriously a mess to head to stores looking for an eye-catching accessory that you really want to put up with your college or high school outfit. So many choices lying across you give enough confusion that drives you mad. You pick one, then suddenly another lures your attention. Cut yourself off some slack; why not make your own?

It may seem like every step to follow is topsy-turvy. Worry not, because I make sure you get the right instructions in the simplest way possible.

You can now learn to make your own bracelets using glass beads – yes, glass beads!

They well reason for the enticing, glistening reflections under bright lighting. You can start by making for your own self until your friends and family start noticing the charming accessories lying around your wrist, and request you to make for them as well.

Let us begin with crafting a glass bead bracelet, but first, you need to make sure you have the following materials at hand:

  • Colorful glass beads (You can choose almost any color. Go for combination and shades of a strong color like purple or blue. I used gold)
  • Wire (colored gold)
  • Crimp beads
  • Jump rings
  • Lobster claps
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Scissors
  • Gloves (optional; must wear them if you sweat a lot, because it gets frustrating when things slip from your hand)

The following steps explain the entire process of making glass bead bracelet. Sit tight, grab your things, focus and begin:

Step 1: Take the scissors in your hand and cut the golden wire in accordance to your wrist circumference length. Followed by, attach one crimp bead and lobster clasp to either of the ends.

Step 2: You have to form a loop; wear your gloves if necessary and start bending the wire carefully to make a loop. Make sure it doesn’t bend from somewhere between; you do not want to make your bracelet having a lose shape by deforming your wire. The bending should be steadily done. Ask someone to do it if you feel you cannot, otherwise, practice makes a woman perfect as well!

Step 3: Once you have successfully bend the end of the wire to form a loop, string it through the crimp bead. Next up, grab your chain nose pliers to fasten the crimp bead so that the wire through it remains intact.

Step 4: This is the best part: string them on… String your glass beads along the gold wire just enough to comprehend with the length.

Step 5: When you string your last set of glass beads, put a crimp bead and make one loop with end of your gold wire just as you did in step 2. Make sure you leave enough wire length. I recommend you always start with a long piece of wire because you never know if you need more space.

Now set aside and look at that beautiful accessory you just made out of your own hands. Wonderful! Make as many as you desire and stack up on your wrist. These are so simple; you can have specific colored beads to match special days’ themes, like red, green and white for Christmas!


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