How to make a wrap ring using jewelry making supplies?

It is simply a wonderful fact that many jewelry making supplies take us making accessories that we can’t help but adore ceaselessly. Let me share a tutorial about how to make a wire-wrapped ring.

Now we all know that wire-wrapped is an easy-to-do and easy-to-learn craftwork that boasts sheer elegance once it takes its finishing touch. You will learn of using any wire and any type of bead to craft this ring. So, let us wrap the talking and start learning by each and every step.

But first of all, make sure you are sufficient of the following jewelry making supplies:

  • Silver filled, square hard wire – 20 gauge
  • Swanstrom round-nose pliers
  • Stepped and plain wood ring mandrel set having base
  • Flat-nose pliers having nylon jaws
  • Beads* – 12mm in length
  • Fine tip permanent Marker
  • Ruler

*You can use almost any color or any center-drilled round, rectangular or oval beads.

Now focus and dive your absolute concentration to my step-to-step guide. WARNING: Use sharp jewelry making supplies or pliers under adult supervision if you are a child.

Step 1: Grab your marker and ruler. Measure the center of the 25 inches wire piece and mark it using your marker. Take a bead and put it over the wire, exactly overlapping the center of your mark. Now bend the wire perpendicular using your finger nail at every bead to keep it tight in a place.

Step 2: Now put the bead above your ring mandrel at a place that is twice larger in size than your final ring size. For instance, about the size 9 for a finished ring that is size 7.

Step 3: Next up, start wrapping the shaft. Place a bead over and pull your wire’s each side underneath the mandrel and pull back up on the corresponding side. Then, crossover them over and repeat the previous process; make sure your shaft has four wires thick layer on the bottom side with the ends on top for you to wrap. Here’s a tip: You can use your Nylon jaw pliers to prevent your wire from bending or twisting while you work.

Step 4: Followed by, begin wrapping your bead. The wire placed at one ending point of your bead will move up around one side of the bead to the corresponding end. Your opposite wire will set around the other side of the bead, finishing up on the reverse end.

Step 5: In order to achieve your desired look, keep wrapping the same way around the bead as many times required.

Step 6: Then, pass the wires into the interior of the ring; begin with laying them over the shaft and afterwards, position them underneath and back up into the inside of your ring on the other end.

Step 7: Pull your ring off the mandrel. Now you need each wire measuring 4” to conclude the wrap. If they are longer, cut off until you reach 4”. To compress the shaft wrap flat, use your Nylon jaw pliers.

Step 8: Continue wrapping the wire around the shaft until you reach four wraps at each end of the bead. Cut the wires and leave enough space to push the ends inside the ring using your round-nose pliers.

You’re all done. Get creative with your jewelry making supplies by adding mixed metals or organic beads!


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