How to make earrings using wholesale beads?

Are you looking for a simple way to hand craft jewelry? You have come to the right place because today I am going to share with you a tutorial of hand crafted earrings using wholesale beads.

All you need is some time off your busy schedule, and the best thing about learning to hand craft jewelry is that it is basically easy and involves many procedures that are followed in almost all other methods of handcrafting jewelry.

You do not need to worry about supplies because you will need some of the most common materials, you might even find them in your home. I will recommend you the color combination of wholesale beads, but there’s no limit to your own choice!

One thing I would like to clear is that you need size 10/10 wholesale beads. You can still try larger sizes like 6/0 or 8/0. Do not go for 2/0 because it would be excessively large.

Follow the list below for the materials you require:

  • Wholesale beads – silver lined aqua, opaque black and opaque white
  • Brass crimp beads
  • Brass jump rings – 4mm
  • Brass earring wires
  • Bronze color beading wire
  • Crimp pliers
  • Chain-nose pliers
  • Sharp scissors

Step 1: Let us begin by cutting length of wire about 4-5”. This length is more than what you require because you might need it later on, and it’s safer because you can always trim off eventually.

Step 2: Grab a crimp bead and place it onto the end point, and pull the short end point back into the crimp. You will have a tiny loop. Now you need to crimp it securely to your cord, so crimp it using crimp pliers.

Step 3: You need a very short length now, so cut the short end, but make sure you don’t cut it absolutely. Take measure of a length around 1/8-1/4”.

Step 4: Let me make it easy for you to string your wholesale beads. You can follow the pattern below:

  • 5x white
  • 2x black
  • 10x aqua
  • 2x black
  • 20x white
  • 2x black
  • 10x aqua
  • 2x black
  • 5x white

But wait, you can still follow a pattern of your own! Make sure your length at the end is somewhat 3-4” long.

Step 5: Once you reach to the end, put one crimp bead, loop the wire end into the crimp bead and add 2-3 wholesale beads more. Lock the crimp bead by your crimp pliers. You are almost there! Now you will have a loop on every end of your flexible length of beaded wire. Then, grab a jump ring and connect the loops simultaneously. Then, put that jump ring to the ring that you have on your earring wire.

That is all! Wasn’t it too simple to make? Look at the clock; took you no time! Thank you for heading out to my blog for this tutorial. Stay tuned for more tutorials using wholesale beads!


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