DIY Dragonfly Couple Keychains

DIY Dragonfly Couple Keychains 1

Hello everyone! Wish you a great week! Today I’d like to share you a tutorial on how to make lovely couple keychains. Yes, just as you can see from the image, they’re dragonfly couple keychains, look really cute right? If you are interested, just follow me and find out how to make them!

To get start, you’ll need:
2mm Nylon Thread
Alphabet Acrylic Beads
Wood Beads

DIY Dragonfly Couple Keychains 2

Step 1: Make the head of the dragonfly.
1st, cut 40mm of nylon thread and slide two wood beads onto it like image shows.

DIY Dragonfly Couple Keychains 3

2nd, keep the middle two threads as the holding thread and use another two threads to tie a half square knot.

DIY Dragonfly Couple Keychains 4

3rd, continue to tie another two square knots, tighten the threads.

DIY Dragonfly Couple Keychains 5

Step 2: Make the wings of the dragonfly.
1st, tie a very loose square knot, make them as the dragonfly’s top wings.

DIY Dragonfly Couple Keychains 6

2nd, repeat to tie another two smaller loose wings.

DIY Dragonfly Couple Keychains 7

Step 3: Make the body of the dragonfly.
1st, thread an alphabet bead onto the holding threads and tie a square knot.

DIY Dragonfly Couple Keychains 8

2nd, repeat to add another two alphabet beads, cut off extra threads and fix the thread ends with lighter.

Step 4: Make another dragonfly.

DIY Dragonfly Couple Keychains 10

Then add them to keychains.

DIY Dragonfly Couple Keychains 11

Cute, and easy to make, do you want to make them by yourself? You can change the alphabet beads to your names, and then they’ll become a meaningful gift for your beloved ones! Happy crafting~


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