Making Handmade Beaded Bracelet with Turquoise Beads and Glass Beads

Beading bracelet is also simple yet delicate, love handmade beaded bracelet? Today I will share a simple beading bracelet with you guys. Hope you will like it. And if you are a jewelry making lover, then you can follow my instructions to DIY your own jewelry.
Supplies you’ll need in making beaded bracelet:
6mm turquoise beads
6mm red pearl beads
Golden aluminum wire
0.5mm jewelry wire
Wire cutting plier
Flat plier
Step 1: Cut a long piece of 0.5mm jewelry wire (with a length about 30cm), slide 20 turquoise beads to it and then slide 8 turquoise beads and a red glass bead to both wires as pictured. Make a loop at the end of the wire and then wrap the wire several times to fix it.
Step 2: Cut a piece of jewelry wire again, add 20 red glass beads to it, then put this red beads strand under the turquoise beads strand, cross the 2 ends of the red beads strand through the turquoise beads strand and then add 8 red glass beads and a turquoise bead to both wires as pictured.
Step 3: make a loop at the end of the wire and wrap several times to fix the wire.
Step 4: Cut a piece of 2mm aluminum wire, wrap it as an “S” shape and then make a small loop at the 2 ends of the wire. Connect the ends of the bracelet with the S clasp.
I finish this turquoise beads bracelet with 30 minutes, now it is the final look of this easy handmade beaded bracelet. If you also interested in this glass beaded bracelet like me, try to DIY one at home now!


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